Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kisses Unknown to Save The Kiss 

It is the stars and the moon that spark these lovers' kisses unknown 

But what sparks a superhero's kisses unknown 

Kisses Unknown (lyrical poem) 

I love the fields of the day
Where vision of beauty will play
As my heart is stolen away
By wonder of you on display
I love the sun through your hair
The light from your smile warms the air
My purpose for dawns lingers there
As days of surrender we share
But in the moon of the night
Our magic and dreams there ignite
We chance every whim to take flight
While kisses unknown we invite
I love the light from your way
Each flower joins in my refrain
One glimpse one hope of you attain
And to these moments days will stray
But under stars of the night
Our magic and dreams are in sight
We dance off in wondrous delight
While kisses unknown we invite
There mid our moon in the night
Our magic and dreams we make right
We follow our souls now in flight
While kisses unknown we invite

(This is just some words waiting for a song. If you have a song that may fit these words, help yourself, I've made it easy by keeping all the beats clean. The structure I used is: A A B A B B, where A is the verse and B is the chorus. - I turned back to poetry in 2010. Song writing is something I can no longer do. But back in the day, I was quite prolific. I had a partner,who was a singer with a great voice, Michael (Mike). In 1978, the team of Mike and Martin set off to make a name for themselves. Mike got us an interview at most of the recording studios in Hollywood. Ironically, Fantasy Records, over in close by Berkeley, was interested and wanted us back for an audition. I managed to pull together a band. With the hope of a recording contract, it was easy. We had two weeks to compose and practice four songs. We all had jobs, so we got together every night. Mike was having marital issues at the time. As our audition date got closer it was hard for him to stay focused. I knew Mike was having problems, but instead of remembering my friend, I stayed focused on a dream of riches. Two days before the audition, Mike was acting really weird. He left the practice to write a fifth song. A song we didn't need. I was tired of Michael's antics and blew up. In a timeless minute, I threw away a chance of a lifetime and a friendship that had grown since middle school. Mike and I would work together again, but would never more be that team who earned an audition at Fantasy Records.)

Back to the kisses, seasoned by a tale: Chris Botti "A Thousand Kisses Deep" 

A super hero must save the kisses 

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds and was achieved by Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranara on February 12-14, 2013.  Stephen Vitale's superhero has btgger peoblems than setting records for the longest kiss. Stephen is an up and coming filmmaker from Long Island, New York, and now living in Los Angeles. He has been featured in Shoot Magazine. But his superhero has even bigger issues than that. A major earthquake is expected to hit California in the next 20 years? Nope, superhero's problem is bigger. 
Give up? I might have over-exaggerated a bit, but let's find out. "Stephen Vitale: Save The Kiss" 

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