Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lovers Of The Candlelight to Trump Sabotages Wife’s Interview 

Two lovers meet in the candlelight to explore a season of their love 

Two "lovers" meet in light less dim to explore a reason for their "love" 

Lovers Of The Candlelight (changing poem) 

Like dancing stars they met the night
Mid mist and moods of sheer delight
Their dreams their wings to give them flight
These lovers of the candlelight
What vision did they have in sight
What promise held their hopes so tight
What secret gave them clarity
These lovers of the candlelight
Such wonders would these two ignite
A rush a heart was thrilled to see
A chance to touch what couldn’t be
These lovers of the candlelight
Each kiss a wind swept melody
They touch what passion longs to free
As time stands still and reasons flee
These lovers of the candlelight
Soon sleep must meet reality
As dreams drift toward their destiny
Did it happen a chance maybe
These lovers of our memory

(This poem has a lot going on, beside two people enjoying a moment. In the second stanza, the use of  the word "What" to awaken imaginations. The line "These lovers of the candlelight" disappears as the candle goes out and the couple drift off. Yes... dreams can also mean lovers. - Imagine two lovers, in a city by the stars, at a time that was much easier, in moments set aside. Arlene and I were often busy or going out. But there were moments set aside just for us. One of our favorite escapes was Lookout Point. This was a parking area above the ruins of the old Sutro Baths. Arlene and I would climb into the backseat of our car and cuddle under a blanket we'd bring along for the occasion. It was so strange, most of the time the perfect music was coming from somewhere. And in the scent of jasmine, we'd watch the drama of sunset. There, in the magic of those moments what adventures transpired. Everything from the fire of passion to the song of Arlene sharing with me her day. There was something to Arlene's voice. As I got older, I grew more attracted to it. So there was a couple's candlelight.)

A little mood music: Kyle Wolverton "Candlelight Kisses" 

From love to "love" 

Melanija Knavs (or Melania Trump) was born in Sevnica, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on April 26, 1970. A graduate of the University of Ljubljana, she is a model and a jewelry designer. Bryan Olsen (of Barely Productions) caught up to Melania (or actress Meg Cupernall, made-up to look like her) for an exclusive interview. Donald Trump (or actor Mike Birch,made-up to look like him) comes in to offer his two cents (properly inflated to meet the Trump standards). So, what follows is an exclusive interview of an actress, interrupted by an actor, for an undisclosed amount of money. 
Confused yet? "Donald Trump Sabotages Wife’s Interview" 

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