Thursday, September 3, 2015

Love’s Roundelay to Floating Cards 

Love floats on to the magic of a lover's song 

Cards float on to the magic of a cardist's skill 

Love’s Roundelay (repeating poem) 

Come for this while sit by my side
And put all our worries away
And bring a new hue to the day
Come for this while sit by my side
Let loose what our heartbeats provide
A rhythm for love’s roundelay
The long day has come to an end
Come for this while sit by my side
And drift where our wishes abide
To our sacred haven ascend
And there with our passions transcend
And free every dream held inside
What cause could this purpose deride
What shadows are hidden from sight
Whose hand dares dim our precious light
Whose word boasts our whim is denied
Come for this while sit by my side
And bid every dark cloud goodnight
Now here in this quiet with me
Let’s brush worldly reason aside
For what do true lovers to hide
As time steps aside patiently
For us to explore satin sea
Come for this while sit by my side

(Here is a love poem with an interesting rhyme scheme. Along with the rhyme scheme, we have a repeating line. One more thing to set a mind to wonder. Why does the singer refer to the "satin sea" and ask to, "sit by my side." - It was 1990 when Arlene and I purchased our house in San Francisco. We had passed through a lot, but we were still together. We now had a working fire place and moments to ourselves. We revisited the past of our dream in words and deeds. And more... Where do we go from here? Here came the Masons. They were taken by the way Arlene and I danced together. We had been partners for over 25 years. There was always something special when we were together. Now, with all we a been through, it seems that our feelings for each other radiated. Arlene and I were not dance champions, but at a level where others wanted to join us on the dance floor. Add to this two masonic mentors. who wanted to promote their latest endeavor (me) and Arlene and I were invited to other organizations' parties. The parties, for the Masons, Arlene and I eventual planned and threw, were well attended. As Arlene and I left the dance floor and saw our guests dancing , we thought to ourselves, here is our love.)

This calls for a love song: Marcomé "Twitter Me Some Love" 

Ready for more magic 

Houdini billed himself as "The King of Cards", but his skill at card manipulation has been replaced by the artistry of Dai Vernon,, Tony Slydini,, Ed Marlo, S.W. Erdnase, Richard Turner and Ricky Jay. Vying for a spot among these greats is young cardist Zach Mueller. A cardist is a practitioner of the non-magical, artistic manipulation of playing cards. In this viral video Zach, who is featured by Fortaine Cards, makes cards float. 
Keep in mind there is no magic or special effects involved. We are witnessing Zach's mastery alone. "FLOATING CARDS | Cardistry | Zach Mueller" 

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