Monday, September 14, 2015

My Princess Sleeps to I'm Not A Princess 

A lover serenades his princess off to sleep 

A princess explains why she is not a princess 

My Princess Sleeps (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Where does she stroll when sleep sweeps her away
Whose face awaits her there to take her hand
What melodies did we neglect to play
Will wonders there still be at her command
All day it seemed she wove our make-believe
Enchanting and enhancing every while
What sacred songs were left up in my sleeve
Such magic lovers’ hearts it would beguile
Sleep on my princess ruler of my heart
Enjoy your moments as you have blessed me
What strains remain to keep us two apart
For soon I’ll close my eyes and there you’ll be
And in the morning sunlight’s tune will stream
We will rise to continue with our dream 

(Just your ordinary love sonnet. Ordinary, unless we take into account that each line of the first stanza is a question. These questions are carried over in the third line of each stanza. Did we also notice that each "What" lines has a music overtone? - I was really blessed to meet Arlene. My music teacher, Mr. Land, arranged for me, and some others, to do the male parts, in a musical put on at a girl's school. So it was, at the rehearsals of "Once Upon A Mattress", Arlene and I met. Arlene taught me how to dance. She was a great proofreader, which would would help in my English classes, my radio commercials and when we helped young people get into college. She was very talented with fabrics and helped me pick out clothes, to make me look my best. Cooking and housework were things that fell in my area. Still, I felt Arlene contributed more to our partnership. Dream? Arlene and I were fortunate to have a world open up to us. People gravitated toward us. In our 20's, it was the party scenes. In our 30's, we had children who could read before entering kindergarten, and upward from there. In our mid 40's, we had a second chance at our 20's. We weren't world travelers, but saw a little of America (in remarkable ways). We spent most of our travels exploring California and each other. For lovers, there is a world to discover (if you know what I mean). I enjoyed messaging Arlene to sleep. We all know how the messages started. Eventually, Arlene made her evening messages a relaxing and enjoyable experience. And so it was, my princess went to sleep.) 

For this fantasy we add, for your enjoyment: Mike Oldfield "Women Of Ireland" 

Want to learn more about princesses 

If someone were to ask you, who is the top princess, what would you say? I'm sorry Princess Diana, but according to Time, the most popular princess is Elsa, from Disney's "Frozen". How is this possible? How much do we really know about what it takes to be a princess? We are fortunate that a princess expert has come to light. Meet Jo-Jo (Joanna) who explains to her dad what it takes to be a princess and why she is not one.  
The question is: what will Jo-Jo's dad do with the information. "I'M NOT A PRINCESS!" 
(YouTube hints that Jo-Jo became a princess.) 

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