Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Oh Sweet Mother to 6 year old girl gives surprising life lesson 

Another mother has lost her child to war 

A mother receives a lesson of peace from her 6 year old 

Oh Sweet Mother (deteriorating poem) 

Oh sweet mother do not cry
Not for nothing he did die
With his brothers he does lie
All for freedoms we deny
All the while we wonder why
No one heard it wave goodbye
Or that something was awry
As long as we thought we’re safe
Like sheep we’re led to comply
To question didn’t dare try
What would other people think
Surely this won’t always be
Other cares then drew our eye
People couldn’t pay their bills
A rash of calamities
Our leaders losing our faith
But one thing is harshly clear
So many suffered and died
For dream we squander away
Oh sweet mother do not cry

(Here is an example of a deteriorating poem. It starts as a rhyme, but non-rhyming words are introduced until only the beat remains. With the beat (memory), the return of the first line, there is a light of hope implied. - There was a lot going through my mind when I put this poem together. Let  me ramble on this one for awhile. So many, many brave men and women sacrificed and died for rights promised us. It hurts me, to see people searched, especially when back doors are left wide open. In other words, law abiding citizens are subjected to searches, while criminals find a wide open, unguarded source of entry. And then there are the cameras and ears. We used to watch the TV. Now the new TVs will be watching us. Unless we turn this function off, our cell phones know where we are a where we have been and are listening. Our fears are being used to restrict our freedoms in the name of security. Lobbyists and big business have more influence on our leaders than the the people who they have been elected to serve. People who proudly volunteer to serve and die. I know we all see it... feel it. But I know a change is coming. I may not see it, but I feel the hope. Maybe you feel it too.)

Meanwhile, here's a song of hope: Howard Hanson "Song of Democracy" 

If you don't think a change ic s coming, video is coming soon 

Ever tried to train a goldfish? It has a memory span of about three seconds. Pretty unimpressive. If you want to be impressed then meet this six year old girl. It seems her parents are divorced and have recently had an argument. She sits down with her mom to discuss the matter. What comes out of this six year old's mouth is nothing less than amazing,. Imagine, being her mom after what a six year old just said. 
If you still don't believe a change, for the better, is coming, then listen to this six year old. "A 6 year old girl give her mom a wake up calls a lesson of life after her parents been divorced" 

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