Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Red Roses to 100 Dancing Robots Come to Life 

Red roses mark the dance of lovers' life 

Robots mark the dance of a young lady's enchantment 

Red Roses (Martin verse) 

Red roses’ enchantment would mark the day
Just like that first kiss now dreams away
When summers in love always will stay
And rainbows we made cast colors to grey
For ours was the magic Joys would excite
As days without end would dance in our light
Our kisses was music scenting the night
A time for this couple was never so right
Kiss of the morning arose each new day
As couple together brought wonder to light
No darkness would mar our day or our night
Our purpose for being never saw grey
Then came the dawn a change would excite
Something familiar had faded away
Red roses and dreams which promised to stay
Now whispered of things no longer quite right
Those rainbow we made where turning to grey
And all that we had we wanted to stay
So for our memories we went away
Red roses’ enchantment would mark the day

(Another demonstration of a Martin verse. A poetic form I created in 2010. Let us keep in mind, red roses symbolize many things. One of those things being the love held by lovers. With this in mind the poem becomes deeper. - Arlene had this habit of tucking things away. Little items from moments that were important to her. From time to time she would share one or more of these with me. And for a moment, we were there again. In October of 2001, Arlene fell seriously ill  We would never again climb to the heights we enjoyed. Or so I thought. Arlene had tucked away treasures I hadn't seen for lifetimes. And there we were again. Flowers. napkins, receipts, tickets, trinkets and countless other little roses planted everywhere. Their bloom was a life well spent. Even now, I find one of Arlene's treasures. And we are there again.)

Close your eyes and enjoy the karaoke version of: Kyla "It's Over Now" 

From one magic dance to another 

The term "robot" was first used to denote fictional automata in a 1921 play "R.U.R." by the Czech writer, Karel ńĆapek. In today's world, robot take on many forms, like those dancing with one young lady. A young lady named Jordyn Jones. Jordyn is 14 year old dancer and singer from Studio City, California. who gained fame on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. Now, beside the robots, she runs into the imagination of Scott Winn and magic is born. 
For this while, put all else aside and let your mind dance. "100 Dancing Robots Come to Life (ft. Jordyn Jones) - 4K" 

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