Monday, September 28, 2015

She Waits to Remember me? I'm your Mom 

A maiden waits for her lover 

A mother waits for a phone call from her son at college 

She Waits Italian sonnet) 

She waits for him mid sands he cannot see
His mind and heart are oh so far away
The world he knows has lead them all astray
How can her truth compete with fantasy
She waits with tears so long were put aside
The flowers in his garden need no rain
So far removed from pleasure and all pain
How much has doubt and fear force him to hide
She waits amid the silence of a song
A memory so long he has forgot
The life he leads no longer has a plot
How can he wonder when his way went wrong
But deep at nights when everything abates
And darkness brings new meaning what is real
His soul is kissed by something it does feel
Where now touches forever there she waits 

(It is unclear why she is waiting or why they are apart. What does add a punch to the mystery of this sonnet is the "She waits" that seems to be missing from the forth stanza. Then it dramatically appears at the very end. - Speaking of drama, in 1995 I was part of a big Masonic event. There are four main bodies of Freemasonry: the "Blue Lodges" (the main part of Freemasonry), the Sottish Rite and York Rite, and the Shriners. There was a rumor going around that there was hazing in Freemasonry. Except for the Shriners. there is absolutely no hazing in Freemasonry; and in the Shriners, one must want and consent to be hazed (it is strictly voluntary and cannot be degrading). As far as the other three bodies of Masonry, the Grand Lodge of California ignited a mission to extinguish even the slightest hint of hazing. Even more, a candidate is given a synopsis of what will happen during the degree he was to be part of, If there was any parts that the candidate found uncomfortable, appropriate changes were made. Any hint or suggestion of hazing was addressed and eradicated. It took three years to progress the Fraternity to a new level.) 

For this edition's song, I've chosen: Puccini " Un Bel Di Vedremo" 

Another story of a mother waiting 

According to the Higher Educational Research Institute at UCLA, 38% of college students attend a school within 50 miles or less, 15% within 51 to 100 miles and 37% within 101 to 500 miles. Which brings us to Ann Pinto McCarney' Ann's son is one of those who went away for college. Ann's son is one of those boys who doesn't call his mother. So Ann made this video ad posted it on YouTube. Meanwhile, an 18 year old boy, off somewhere at college, hears about this great new, funny video on YouTube. OMG! 
Rumor has it,  public opinion has established daily phone calls between a mother and a son. least for now. "Remember me...Mom wants son to call from college" 

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