Friday, September 25, 2015

The Best Odds In Las Vegas to Baked Yams with Dill 

A hard night of limericks and gambling 

Call for a well prepared meal - not like this one 

The Game Can Be So Cruel (limerick) 

She found out her husband was cheating
The tears and the whys now repeating
Oh she took it hard
And yes she’ll be scarred
Explains why at cards she took beating

The Best Odds In Las Vegas (limerick) 

If you like the Las Vegas scene
And you think that gambling’s keen
Then please let me share
The best odds you’ll fair
Is found playing their change machine

Advice Of A Recovering Poker Player (limerick) 

I use to be a big joker
For each night I use play poker
Frustrations would fetter
As I turned to fretter
Till I found it’s better to stroke her

(Three more examples of my special style of limericks. If one follows the beats, one will discover I get six rhymes in five lines, - Now let's talk about the "secrets" of Freemasonry. Originally there were only two degrees in Masonry. It is believed that somewhere in the 15th century, the third degree was introduced. The Lodge is not even tiled (sworn to secrecy) while the second section is beginning performed by Lodge members. In the degree, three entered apprentices want the secrets of a master mason without going through the proper training. They want their master, Harim Abiff, to give them the secrets or they will take his life. Harim Abiff chose to forfeit his life, rather than giving up the secrets unjustly. The three assailants felt so bad about what they did., only death could ease their torment. It turns out, the secret was so valuable it was split into three parts. Harim Abiff only had one part. The other two were held by King Solomon and Hirim King of Tyre. With Hiram Abiff gone, the secret was lost. It is up to man to find the lost secret. In sharing this, I have betrayed no Masonic secret. The Masons only re-enacted a story found in the old testament of the bible. And as I stated, the Lodge is not tiled. So much for a "Secret Society".)

Everyone likes a good love song. Instead we have: Flight of the Conchords "Carol Brown"

Are you hungry? This video may solve that 

Sweet potatoes have been distinguish as being the official vegetable for North Carolina. Not only that, they are the featured food of the newest episode of You Suck At Cooking. I hope you have some sweet potatoes in your refrigerator. Sweet potatoes that were prepepared, Because Gregg still hasn't learned how to cook. By his numbers though, it looks like he is getting funnier and less of his fans aren't dying of his cooking lessons.
Maybe You Suck At Cooking is realyl a scheme to get us to exorcise. All that laughing and such... "Baked Yams with Dill - You Suck at Cooking (episode 19)"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to be taken to Break-up Pasta - How to Find Food in the Wild

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