Friday, September 4, 2015

The Last Summer Rose to Hell's Club 

Time was ticking as flowers danced through their summers 

Time stood still as moment danced through our memories 

The Last Summer Rose (repeating poem) 

I think back to days without end
Where dreams that came true were the trend
With kisses around every bend
And angels were there to attend
A time without worries or woes
The days of the last summer rose
Youth’s madness we put on display
As hand in hand we met each day
And let our hearts show us the way
To havens of lovers’ repose
Where fantasies frolic and stray
The days of the last summer rose
Each heartbeat held moments of you
Each smile and my world would renew
Such magic that from your eyes flows
Such heavens for wiles to pass through
The promised tomorrow in view
The days of the last summer rose
Caresses as sun slowly set
And moonlight its mood to impose
A scent one can never forget
Recalling the day that we met
As twilight beheld silhouette
The days of the last summer rose
I wonder about times like those
Did they truly happen at all
These pictures on yesterday’s wall
As sunsets again seems to fall
Sweet flower please help me recall
The days of the last summer rose

(Here is another expression of repeating style of poetry. The matching verse to the final rhyme moves farther away as the song continues. I chose the beginning to finally place the matching rhyme as a symbol of the beginnings of these memories.- Next to the day Arlene and I were wed, came our youthful summers. Living in San Francisco, with so much to do, plus it was the magic 60's, Arlene and I were truly lucky. It was hard for Arlene's parents to keep us apart, when I got Arlene to enjoy going to summer school with me. (My teachers were that good.) And besides kissing, I took Arlene to museums, operas, theaters (we were ushers, which permitted us to see the shows for free), and much more. Movies, back then, were only $1.00. Everything was much cheaper. Summers were working, sleeping and Arlene. Arlene made scrapbooks of our adventures together. As those summers ticked by and became distant moonlights, Arlene would pull out one of those scrapbooks. Even as we go over the pictures and notes, one more time, it's hard to believe, we did all those things.)

Call me sentimental, here is the sung I've chosen for this theme:  "The Last Rose of Summer" 

From romance to madness 

Webster Hall, built in 1886 in New York City's Manhattan district, is considered the first nightclub. Now, Antonio Maria Da Silva, of Amdsfilms, brings us Hell's Club. Amdsfilms is a Paris, France internet production company, specializing in mashups. Hell's club is no ordinary nightclub. It a well produced mashup of scenes from our favorite movies forming a new and timeless story line. 
I hope you will be as impressed as I was with Antonio's creation. "HELL'S CLUB. NEW MASHUP AMDSFILMS." 

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