Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Rain Came to When It Rains In L.A. 

After years of sunshine the rain came to a man 

After years of drought the rain came to L.A. 

The Rain Came (free form poem) 

When the rains came
Who knew the weight of it
There were no clouds to explore
Just sudden sounds
Heard in the distance
Upon the fields were flowers use to dance
Next to the river
Which flowed into the ocean
Of endless possibilities
Who knew the weight of it
There is no warmth to it
Nor feeling of cold
The truth of it there are no feelings at all
That it should come to this
The rain which came
Confusion offered soft shelters
And reasons to hide
From the vast unknown
There were no clouds to explore
Turning toward stars
Whose richness filled my memories
There by the river
Whose ocean was the coming rain
Who knew the weight of it
I’m sorry

(A free form poem calling to the rich rain that comes after the sunshine to wash away what was. Note how the words and lines of the first stanza are repeated. Memories, warnings, heartbeats... - Arlene's death. The loss of a loved one. Performing so many funerals, I know one thing. Everyone faces the loss of a loved one differently. I can only speak from my experience. I'm sure, all those funerals had an effect on me and how I stood when the rain came. Arlene is dead. It was hard to believe; hard to accept. I can't tell you when Arlene stopped talking to me from her bedroom or the kitchen.  I really heard her. Time was another challenge for me. Sometimes it slipped away, even as I watched. Sometimes hours were seconds. I could relive an entire evening with Arlene in the heartbeats it took to sit down. I was surrounded by memories. Everything around me was alive with Arlene. It was a wonder, I could function at all. Through the mist another person, which was me. made Arlene's funeral arrangements. I was so certain and confused at the time, I don't know if anyone assisted me. For the three days of Arlene's viewing, even seeing her sleeping in her coffin, I couldn't accept her death. Did I cry? Did something pull a cover over me to protect from this moment? But what can one do; what can one say when a time in our life (as full as it was) is over?)

I shared Arlene's death, but there other passings that bring the rain: 
Blonde Redhead "The Dress" 

From rain to rain 

Did you know the average raindrop falls at 7 miles per hour? The only problem with this useless fact is: what constitutes an "average .raindrop"? As most of us know, California is going through a severe drought. Hollywood (the home of actors) is in Los Angeles. It is predicted, by 2016, bottled water will replace soda as the number one packaged drink. Put these three together and it might explain L.A.'s inhabitants reaction to rain, as captured by BuzzFeed Videos. 
Rumor has it the cost of umbrella operation training is sky rocketing in L.A."When It Rains In L.A." 

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