Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Wind to Little Republicans GOP Debate 

The wind came to challenge two lovers 

The wind came to change the Republican presidential candidates to children 

The Wind (Italian sonnet) 

We were the flowers swept across the field
Whose day it was to bask amidst the sun
Discovering what life ahead would yield
Then came the wind to say it had begun
And there we were the colors of the day
And all the world would marvel at our scent
We’d cast away the season of dismay
Then came the wind of all the time we spent
Then other flowers popped up here and there
What once we knew had begun to estrange
A fresh new scent was taking to the air
Then came the wind to usher in a change
Soon one by one the world we knew was gone
The magic of those moments kept us strong
We had each other to depend upon
Then came the wind to carry us along

(Here we have an Italian sonnet, with a repeating theme: The wind of time and change. - I'm pretty sure the theme of this verse is not unique to Arlene and me. Other couples may also relate. I wrote this poem about two lovers and the wind of time and change. But if one stops and thinks about it, this idea can relate to other things. For instance: I joined Masonry under the system of one man and one student. One mason was assigned to help and guide an initiate through the three degrees. Like a proud parent, this teacher took his student under his wing to motivate and show off his charge. I was one of these students and in time, one of those teachers. Unfortunately times (the wind) were taking its toll on these teachers and the Masons needed a change for a new generation. Fred Nielson and I came up with a new system. A system where initiates could learn from more than one teacher. Not only this, but students learned to socialize and express their opinions. Students were encouraged to share their impressions of freemasonry. In keeping with a lesson of Masonry, Fred and I turned over control of these classes to the next generation of masons (the wind). Years later a question of religion came up. I smiled as the wisdom of the new system arose to manage the issue. Yes, sadly the days of one man and one student was gone to the wind. - Did you notice how the wind changed this explanation from love to an insight into a "secret organization"?)

 Here is a wind I think you will enjoy: Nina Simone - Wild is the Wind 

I feel the wind one more time 

At the age of 8, Michael Kearney was the youngest person to graduate from college (Santa Rosa Junior College in Sonoma County, California). He graduated with an Associate of Science in Geology. With that in mind, imagine all of this year's Republican presidential candidates as children. Magic Beans TV did. Magic Beans is a Los Angeles based studio which displays the talent and magic
of kids for our enjoyment. Somehow they got the idea of a parody where kids reenact the second Republican presidential debate. 
Watching the real debate myself, I wonder where Magic Beans got their inspiration? "Little Republicans: 2nd GOP Debate" 

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