Friday, September 25, 2015

They Call To Us to Activewear 

Voices calling lovers to return 

Voices calling to follow a fashion 

They Call To Us (round) 

They call to us from long ago
Those moments of I love you so
Those magic times we used to know
When all our world put on a show
Somehow our moon had lost its glow
It happen as we slept that night
Then daily life became a rite
And kissing time began to slow
They call to us from misplaced light
Our vision had a strange new sight
Not me or you that we held tight
Our eyes were fooled by empty blight
Another’s dreams were our delight
As we were sold just how to be
Just follow us and you’ll be free
But lose ourselves perhaps we might
They call to us sweet memory
Could eyes so blind be taught to see
That this was not our destiny
Our soul’s regret would be our fee
Let’s take this chance together we
What we have lost again will grow
Was us who called from long ago
To reclaim this love’s fantasy

(Another example of the round form of poetry. Unlike the haunting nature, I normally use the round form for, this poem is supposed to be a message of hope. - When I joined the Masons I was in my 40,s. Generally speaking, in the San Francisco Bay Area, this was considered young. Masonry here had become an old men's group. When Arlene and I hit the dance floor, with years of practice behind us, we were magic. Word about the two wonders spread. Arlene and I were invited to more and more events. This, along with other events in our lives, turned back the hands of time. We were getting young again. Arlene and I, once again, became those 20 year old lovers, of so long ago. Some other married men, of our age bracket or younger, had joined the Bay Area"s "old men's group". But very few were as lucky as Arlene and I were to follow the voices calling us back. What was even more amazing, we could see other couples who had heard the call. Here was a mystery: Arlene and I became what others wanted to be. Yet we couldn't see the lovers we were destined to become. Ageless... Love's fantasy.)

For your enjoyment: Russ Ballard "Voices" 

From love to love of fashion 

According to the Huffington Post. in 2014 sales of women's workout clothes were up, while sales of regular women's clothes were down. This suggests women are buying workout clothing for more than working out at the gym. True or not, the Van Vuuren Bros have taken and run with this suggestion. But men, stop a minute. It is not easy to be the "apples of our eyes". In a lot of ways, just being a woman is a workout in itself. 
With this in mind, enjoy the show. "ACTIVEWEAR" 

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