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Vast Horizon to Best Magic Vines Compilation 

One person searches for the source of the vast horizon 

One person displays the creative magic of his vast horizon 

Vast Horizon (free form poem) 

I wandered vast horizons
Of things that just might be
Urged on by the voices
Who fed the spirit of me
Marvels were excited
Which soon became common place
Unwritten rules were challenged
Which few have dared to trace
The sunrise of their purpose
Would find my shadow there
Feelings they would vote on
Where paths which I prepare
And on and on I wandered
Lead by footsteps of some past
My own imagination
Toying with our memory
Was this could this be the verge
Others lost had once searched for
Confused and bewildered as I
Seeding others’ destiny
Then I turned around alone
Crying to faithful echoes
Of faces with reasons
Who could no longer follow
Rage rage rage took my vision
As the specter of clouds
Masked the path to the unknown
And the safety of the route back
Then from the vast horizon
Of things that just might be
Urged on by a blessed voice
Who fed the spirit of me

(This poem starts off with a well structured rhyme. In the second stanza, there is something wrong with the meter. By the forth stanza, as the speaker seeks out his reason, the poem turns completely free form. Although the poem concludes with an order lost, on closer examination the meter is off. - Here I was in 2000. I had just finished my year as master of my Masonic Lodge and 6 very successful years serving on the Masonic line of officers for my Lodge. I had been honored by San Francisco for my work with the public schools. I was instrumental in saving San Francisco's 3 Masonic youth groups. My Lodge's membership had quadrupled and was growing. These were a part of this egotist's list of accomplishments. My year, in charge, was fraught with hands coming out of the shadows trying to pull me down. My best friend came to me and said that he was sorry but he couldn't take anymore knives aimed at my back. Arlene became thoroughly disgusted and found reasons she couldn't attend functions. I became the person in the poem. I started 2000 set that I would never again return to Masonry. As I said my goodbye at a Job's Daughters meeting, one of the young ladies said, "Mr. Kloess, why are you leaving? You have done so much." Her words touched something inside me. After 3 months someone changed returned.)

Whether or not one believes in Jesus, this is a great song: 
Tasha Cobbs "Break Every Chain" 
(There is a power within a person to "break every chain") 

One person searched another shares what he found 

Movies have been around since the 1890's and they were less than a minute long. Now-a-days we have the vines, a short video lasting 6 seconds. What can one do in 6 seconds? Meet the team of Joker Is Me and find out. In fact they make vines and compilation of vines. Compilations that are so funny they carry a challenge. Try not to laugh. 
Warning - This video is so funny we may have to watch it more than once. "Best Magic Vines Compilation - Funny videos 2015 try not to laugh" 

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