Sunday, September 13, 2015

Victims Of The Mist to She speaks fluent American 

Two lovers lost in the mist of love 

A young lady lost in the mist of a foreign language 

Victims Of The Mist (English sonnet) 

It saddens me that I must break your heart
And draw life’s painful vale on all of this
Our dreams of love forever just dismiss
We met too late for our romance to start
Yet not to air the truth would be remiss
We are not cowards who from trouble dart
There is a grace to how we choose to part
And let this grace be our enduring kiss
I cannot say the words you long to hear
For if I did I also lose your trust
Another victim of the mist of life
But as we part please know I’ll feel each tear
For our goodbye forever is a must
For I am bound forever to my wife

(That love sonnet was a bit different. It is carefully worded to not give a clue of what was really going on, until the last sentence. If this sonnet had the desired effect, feelings of sadness and confusion should have all been transformed in one line. This was an example of using poetry to toy with feelings. - This was a wish of an earlier me. It was in my drug days (not that drugs had anything to do with this). Arlene and I had been married for some time. I was off, playing pinball, as I often did after work. I had just left a farewell party for Karen, a coworker who was going back to Michigan to be with her parents. She came by, unexpectedly, at my favorite pinball joint, to say her final goodbyes to me and offered to drive me home. When I realized we were on the Bay Bridge, my drug clouded mind whispered to me, something was wrong. We were leaving the city. I was being kidnapped. Karen had planned a fantasy for herself and I was part of it. She had booked a luxury hotel apartment with all the amenities using finances she got from her rich dad. At any point, I could have been that "dream husband". Even worse, I called my boss, the next day and disclosed the truth (I was that good of a worker, that my boss covered for me). So for two days, Karen and I engaged in sex. I still remember. in my moments of rest, how the guys at work used to boast about how many times they would "make it". The truth is, after so many times in a row, "making it" got painful.  Time arrived for Karen to catch her plane and she let me go. It was amazing, Arlene took me back,without saying a word. About a month later, I got a letter from Karen. It simply said, "Thank you.")

How about a song with a sentimental flavor: Santana "Samba Pa Ti" 

One more mist 

Although Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it has the shortest days, lasting 9 hours and 55 minutes. What does Jupiter have to do with a young girl being good at American? American, for those who don't, know is the language spoken in the United States. The young girl in question is the up and coming vloger and YouTuber, Kristy Ryan of Our Third Life.. 
What does Jupiter have to do with a young girl being good at American? Simple. But let's let Kristy explain. "She speaks fluent American" 
(Spoiler Alert - Kristy is a very intelligent vloger and actor.) 

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