Saturday, September 19, 2015

What Beats In My Mind to Haven't You Done Well 

A person wonders through the changes life has put him through 

Three friends wonder through the changes lunch has put them through 

What Beats In My Mind (modern sonnet) 

What beats inside the forest of my mind
A drop of something that won’t let me go
A shadow hid in world I’ve come to know
This breath forgotten which was left behind
I feel its whisper deep inside my flow
So deep within the mask I have refined
This hint beyond the life I have designed
What is the song which yearns its morning so
Have I not lived each moment as I should
And made the most of person I became
My changes were not often understood
I drifted off and ego was to blame
And now my mind surrounded by dark wood
Must wonder of a song which once was me

(Most poets stick to the familiar Shakespearean sonnet. As fans have seen, I venture out to the other popular forms. Here is an example of  modern sonnet. At first it looks like an English sonnet. But to carry the message, the last line doesn't rhyme. - I'm sure I'm not alone in this. In a lot of ways this poem is an affirmation. I have gone through a lot off changes in my life. It is like I was these different people. Gone is the drug addict. Gone is the spiritual leader. Gone is the outdoor explorer. Gone, gone, gone; All those other Martins are gone. I'll never forget what my best man, Mario, said to Arlene, when he returned to see me after many years of being away. "He has really changed." (It would be the last time I see Mario.) the silence of my transitioning, voices echo through my mind. I imagine these echoes are voices of me, left behind. As I grew older, the luck I had experienced in life began to weigh on me. I felt, more and more, I should be using my talents to help others. Now, in the sight of yet another new adventure, like the poem, "my mind is surrounded by dark wood." But I am not alone.)

If that wasn't mind boggling enough, here's: Bliss and Melancholia "Quiet Letter" 

From a mind wonderer to lunch wonderers 

The most expensive restaurant in the world is Kitcho, in Japan,  run by award-winning chef Kunio Tokuoka,, were a meal will set you back at least $600 per person. Hardly Kitchio, Broden Kelly, Zachary Ruane and Mark Samual Bonanno. of Aunty Donna, have finished their meal and decided to split the check. Aunty Donna is an Australian sketch group and YouTubers. They made their breakout at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Rumor has it, they are gaining big attention in the United Kingdom. 
Let your mind wander, as these three wonders, wander through the skirts of reality, making you wonder, what's going on. "Haven't You Done Well 3" 

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