Monday, September 14, 2015

Whispers Of Dream to Piff The Magic Dragon 

The whispers of a dreamer when the lights are turned off 

The magic of a dreamer when the lights are turned on 

Whispers Of Dream (poem) 

Don’t you hate it
When the lights go out
And the only name echoed in the darkness
Is yours
So berated
A wondrous new path
And the only words that they can say
Where are you
With things that don’t work
And the only hope of resolution
Dreams that are yours
What about you
Who do you turn to when the lights go out
Who will hold your hand when you enjoy
Who shares whispers of dreams all our own
All our own
For them it is you
You will they turn to when the lights go out
You will hold the hand that seek out Joy
You will whisper to them of dreams all their own
All our own
So they’ll state it
When your light goes out
And the only name echoed in their darkness
Is yours

(This looks like a free form poem. On closer examination, a structure will appear. Don't put this poem down when you come to the end. There are a number of ways to take the final stanza. - As one would imagine, there was a great deal of stress associated with my accomplishments. Accomplishments people would share long after. I put a lot of planning into my efforts, including anticipating and planning for the "what ifs" that came to mind. At some point, events go into free fall and we hope we've covered the unforeseen. I remember one time I booked the "Chinatown Special" to take two bus loads of guests to Reno. The "Chinatown Special" was a tour line, out of Chinatown that had entertainment on the buses to make the trip seem shorter. I forget why I was the last to walk into the hotel I had booked. Imagine, when I walked in, all the guests were sitting around the lobby. I was told there were no rooms for us. Before any event I would find a secluded place to kneel and talk to the Lord. Early in my 20's when I was learning to enjoy the weight and release of my stress, my hands would break out in rashes and sometimes crack. Just being with Arlene offered a soft breeze of fresh air. Sometimes there came a darkness. Hence the poem. Back at the hotel. It was true. We had no rooms. I showed the manager my confirmation. He made a few phone calls and sent free refreshments to everyone in the lobby. Within an hour, rooms where made available, there and in nearby facilities. Plus: dinner and breakfast, at the hotel was free to all of us. This is the same trip that I lost an elderly lady. But that's another story.)

So we can catch our breath, our selected song: 
Thomas Bergersen & Merethe Soltvedt "The Hero In Your Heart" 

Now the magic of another dreamer 

Do you know Erik Weisz? You may know him better by his stage name, Harry Houdini. And he was not born in Wisconsin, as he claimed, but in Hungary. Piff is really John van der Put. And he is not really a dragon, but a human being, but we could have figured that out ourselves. Piff the Magic Dragon sounds better than John van der Put the Magic Human Being. He is really from South East London and is assisted by Mr. Piffles, the "World’s First Magic Performing Chihuahua", who is really a chihuahua. Piff. is a magician and comedian and one of the youngest members of the prestigious The Magic Circle. 
For his fist trick, a British magician was on America's Got Talent, and upward from there. "Piff The Magic Dragon: Piff Uses a Piece of Toast for a Cool Trick - America's Got Talent 2015" 

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