Thursday, September 10, 2015

Will This All End to Surprise High School Reunions 

A lover wonders in the endlessness of his precious moments 

A jokester wanders back to revisit precious moments 

Will This All End (English sonnet) 

Will this all end I ask the passing stars
In dreams of forever within your spell
Let’s ask the flowers perhaps they’ll tell
Love to stay welcome in this world of ours
Those moments of doubt soft kisses will quell
Holding you close will bar us from all scars
In such a rich Joy no manner of mars
So we close our eyes and let our love swell
As twilight ascends our moments so true
Lost thoughts in silence begin to awake
Longing for chances at which they may rend
Enduring in this I love only you
No doubt in my mind of any mistake
Darkened with thoughts of when will this all end 

(This is not just an English sonnet. It is an Acrostic English sonnet. Even more, I managed to begin and end with "Will This All End". Note that the sonnet ends with words with negative connotations (enduring, no and darkness) which were turned to a positive. - In high school, I had t a teacher, Fred Wilkins, who taught me,to lengthen time by making the best use of it. Time itself doesn't change, our mind is asked to take in more. to process more, to live more. And so it was.Whenever Arlene was near me, I noticed even the "little" things she did for me. Arlene and I didn't just go out. We made events. For example a trip to the old Steinhart Aquarium might include taking in some of the shops on the streets nearby, outside the park, and a nibble near by. This also allowed for some extra private moments..We didn't always see all the aquarium. A good excuse to try it all again. Our night life was even better. Whenever we traveled, out of California, we were lucky to fall in with the little extras, like not only seeing the Mississippi River, dancing on it. Arlene and I didn't just enjoy moments. We lived endless enchantments. And when the evening came they came again.)

Let's take an endless while and enjoy: Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross "Endless Love" 

From endless memories to memories some wish would end 

Ole Miss Yearbook (University of Mississippi), class of 1921, is considered the most expensive yearbook, at the last purchase price of $4500. Speaking of yearbooks, meet Greg Benson of Mediocre Films. Gregg is a graduate of W. T. White High School, in Dallas, Texas. He was going over his yearbook and decided to visit some of his old high school friends. There is one big problem. The "friends' didn't know he was coming. Greg just showed up unannounced. 
There were other problems too. But we'll just have to watch the video to find out what they were. "Surprise High School Reunions! (with deleted scene)" 
(Is Greg Benson in your yearbook?) 

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