Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Within A Vision to Every Vine Ever 

A lover's vision comes alive again to dance in memories 

Meanwhile more memories are made for future visions to dance to 

Within A Vision (villanelle) 

Within a vision he had lost with years
Those memories he had so long ago
Still dance the children of forgotten tears
Amid the quiet gentle voice he hears
A raging fire became a dim lit glow
Within a vision he had lost with years
Yet to a picture once again he steers
To feel the moments heart had come to know
Still dance the children of forgotten tears
He wonders through his dust filled souvenirs
If dream of life he had was truly so
Within a vision he had lost with years
As all he put behind him reappears
A hidden hope again begins to grow
Still dance the children of forgotten tears
And as the shadow of an ending nears
He hears familiar music softly flow
Within a vision he had lost with years
Still dance the children of forgotten tears

(A standard villanelle. Instead of placing a conflict stanza near the end, I've made a constructive poem, ending in a dream. - Arlene died in 2002. We lived and shared a exceedingly rich life. I don't really know why she died so young. I often think aging was weighing heavy on her. Though our youth programs were blooming, Arlene's health was failing and we couldn't do as much as we used to. Add to this, when one enjoys a popularity like ours, one gets to know a lot of people. People leave and die. It gets more and more depressing. Me? Do I miss Arlene? Yes. But life had more for me to do. Like the poem, I have rich and glorious memories to carry me on. When Arlene  died, I was surrounded by family and friends. Then came all of the, "Remember when you two..." All those "Remember Whens" were so grand, they still dance in my heart. Miss Arlene? Yes. But our time together was so wondrous, it would be a crime to crown it all with sadness.)

I felt this song fitting: Kenny G "The Moment" 

Memories made, memories to be made 

Sex has been reported, by research studies, to cause transient global amnesia (temporary memory loss), which night not be all that bad. Vines, for those unfamiliar, are short-form videos in a sharing service where users can share six second-long looping video clips. Recently, people have been commenting that they tend to look the same. Seeing an opportunity for a viral video, Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla (of Smosh) did some research (or maybe not) and came up with this.
If you don't believe Ian and Anthony or the research studies, do some research of your own. "EVERY VINE EVER"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to be taken to EVERY BREAK UP EVER

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