Friday, October 9, 2015

Come With Me to Ben Carson 2016 Campaign Commercial 

A lover asks his delight to give him a chance 

A presidential candidate asks voters to give him a chance 

Come With Me (repeating poem) 

All I ask is for this minute
Come with me come with me
For a chance that has you in it
Come with me and we’ll see
But for time nothing to lose
Let your mind enjoy the cruise
Mid the realms for you I choose
For your heart I may amuse
All I ask is that you admit
Come with me why not flee
Your curiosity acquit
Come with me let it be
For this time just take my hand
As we leave to distant land
Far from things to understand
Where our moment may expand
All I ask for world you spin it
Come with me destiny
Forever waits in a minute
Come with me end this plea
An adventure waits ahead
Where young hearts in Joy are fed
All your worries may be shed
Joyful memories there bred
Are there other words not said
Other dreams waiting instead
Is it moonlight that you dread
Come with me and let’s see

(A playful little ditty. The only point of interest is the last stanza. We are set up to expect "Come with me" on the second lines of the final stanza. But as a tease, this expectation is put off to add emphasis to the final line. - This poem is about love and enjoying that special someone's company. But if one applies the poem's spirit to other things, amazing things could happen. At Chevron (in the late 70s), I was put in charge of 9 people. We performed a wide variety of manual and semi-manual functions. I tried to create a fun environment. I held small parties, provided candy and surprises, kept everyone laughing and kept everyone's mind off of our otherwise boring job. When I was finished with my tasks, as the person in charge, I joined my workers in their efforts. I worked extra hard on this. The result was a job that might have been otherwise boring, was a place to look forward to. A team who could work miracles. People who gave a little extra to make me look good. What was really complimentary was, as members of the team moved on to different departments, they introduced our work environment to others.)

Let's hear it from another person: 
Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory "Pure Imagination" 

Here's someone else who want us to follow him 

Cleveland, Ohio's Harvey Williams Cushing (April 8, 1869 – October 7, 1939) is often called the "father of modern brain surgery." Detroit's Ben Carson though a very proficient (retired) neurosurgeon is hardly "the father of neurosurgery" He is the first neurosurgeon to run for the office of President of the United States, though. To help  him out, the folks at Funny Or Die have created a new campaign commercial for him. The expense of this campaign ad comes entirely from Funny Or Die's pocket. So they consider it a tax deduction or maybe they are in need of some brain surgery. 
So as the Republcan party becomes just that, consider this. "New Ben Carson 2016 Campaign Commercial" 

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