Friday, October 9, 2015

Confusion Clears the Street to Dentalville: Brake Shop 

Confusion brings a neighborhood together 

Confusion might be hurting a family business  

Confusion Clears the Street (poem) 

Was early in the evening when a sound
Began to end from somewhere near the ground
Got up and down the stairs to where I found
To lighten darkness and this rhyme compound
Outside the entrance my well rounded flat
A wealth of beggars very calmly sat
Their tailored taters they began to pat
I cleanly knew old dirt now at my mat
Leave out of here don’t start the end with police
They clearly saw confusion upset peace
Their time had come to go for old release
I stopped to start my heart’s unsettled ease
An early late young neighbor starts to shout
Soon others wanted in to help them out
Here done I drift away toward my own rout
And try to settle some if not all doubt

(In this poem the most "confusing" thing is the play on opposites. Each line contains opposites to bring this tale to its conclusion. More word wizardry than poetry. - Like this poem, life can be so confusing. My grandfather may have made a good NAZI, but he was a Mason. A death sentence in NAZI Germany. So for his own preservation he joined the underground. His deep love for his wife, my grandmother, caused him to further risk his life, by meeting with her. His own kids, my mother and her two brothers, were brainwashed by the party.They would surely turned their own father in, if they discovered him alive. When the war was over, my grandfather never could get over what the NAZIs did to his family and how children could turn against their own father. So here was an Ally hero, who was forced to serve the anti-NAZI underground, whose relationship with his children would be forever tarnished, simply because he was a member of a club. Life can be so confusing.)

To add to this confusion, here's Ernie Kovacs performing: 
Robert Maxwell "Solfeggio" (The Nairobi Trio) 

Every coin has two sides 

It is thought that advertising goes back to the times humans first communicated. The first evidence of paid adverting is a painting found in India, which dates back to 4000 B.C. Here we are, in the 21 century. I'm pretty sure we can all agree, advertising has gone wild. By wild, I mean down right confusing. The folks at College Humor 2 (CH2) have stumbled on this commercial by the Dentalville family. It seems they have a bit of a problem. 
See if you can stop laughing long enough to figure it out. "Dentalville: The Most Misleading Brake Shop Ever" 

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