Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dance On Heaven’s Shore to Let's see your Candy Bowl 

A strange romantic dance for lovers 

A strange new dance for Halloween 

Dance On Heaven’s Shore (English sonnet) 

Once more the lovers’ music claimed the night
As they were in each other’s arms once more
There was no doubt who satin stars were for
As they would be the reason for the light
And in their shadow oh what dreams would sore
Soft waves of kisses rose to grace their sight
Each heartbeat would another Joy invite
As there again they danced on heaven’s shore
Amazed they gazed what timelessness could weave
As other dreamers lovers happened on
One chance to touch upon a moment’s glow
For dawn will spawn tear’s reason to retrieve
And why his curtains are forever drawn
He dances with one lost long whiles ago 

(Another example of a "surprise factor", an unexpected ending, a mind blower. Everything was going beautifully until the last line. Also notice that the triplets start with a rhyme within a rhyme. This was done to further draw off the mind, until the final conundrum. - It has been a long time since Arlene died. I am old and in a less than favorable situation. I did remarry after four years of mourning and at the encouragement of others. But as for my future, it is not good. Yet my doctors and therapists are amazed at my positive attitude. Why shouldn't I have a positive attitude, even though I have little, in this life, to look forward to? After all, with all of the challenges, I lived a great life. A life others only dream about. And in my nights I dance with my memories. Live a celebration.) 

A song and performance that goes well with this theme: 
Il Divo "I Can't Live, If Living Is Without You" 
with Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva

There is a new dance creeping to Trick or Treat 

According to the New York Post, Americans spent over 217 million dollars, in 2014, on Halloween candy. 2015 is expected to be ever bigger. With all that candy,kids are expected to put on a few more pounds. Especially the kids over 20 years old. In preparation for this omen, the Holderness family have come up with a new dance to shake off a few of those pounds. The  Holderness family consists of Kim and Penn and their two kids, Lola and Charles. Their new dance is called the Candy Bowl. 
Here is a question: Is this a real dance or a way of getting candy from our kids? "Let me see your CANDY BOWL! A Halloween, Tootsee Roll Parody #CandyBowl" 

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