Monday, October 26, 2015

Door To Distant Shore to "Wildest Dreams" Parody 
What terror unknown awaits me beyond a door 
As a Taylor Swift look alike runs through a murderous parody 

Door To Distant Shore (poem) 

Welcome home once more
Written on my door
Sign I’d seen before
In some distant shore
But why should they bother me now
These simple words of welcome shed
Upon an entrance to a room
Which was my nightly resting place
Curious and more
What real meaning bore
Why my soul it tore
On some distant shore
Undaunted by its haunting spell
Within my mind I searched for trace
This lock which barred me from my rest
With mysteries of its embrace
Anger fear and more
Threw words on the floor
Where I saw blood pour
From some distant shore
As terror took a heart from me
Within myself what thoughts now race
I felt each second’s lonely pace
A rising fog would madness grace
Here I am once more
Facing endless door
With the curse I bore
Not so distant shore
Within that room waits bitter lace
Tears of shame and pain’s embrace
A memory I can’t erase
And once more nightmare I must face

(Take a close look and have a thought about this poem's rhyme structure. We start with a strict rhyme followed by a free form stanza. As the poem progresses, the free form Stanza becomes a rhyme. Why? - I'm pretty sure, we can all relate to this poem. It is not limited to a door and a room.  Silly me. I found myself in this situation many times. Let me share just one. It was late at night and I was sleeping. Arlene woke me up and said there was someone in the house. We all know how the night can be and why I tried to ease Arlene's unfounded fears. Just then there came a loud sound from the front of the house. In response to the sound Arlene said, "See." Being the man, what choice did I have? I put on my pants and prepared to face the unknown. As I went to the bedroom door, flashlight in hand, Arlene whispered, "be careful", as she wrapped our blanket around herself. As a show of manly bravery, I went straight to the door as I normally do. In fact, I was scared. I didn't know what I would face. Also, I figured, by walking and opening the door normally, any intruder(s) would flee. Ever notice how the dark becomes darker when we're afraid?  The front door was wide open and I didn't hear anyone leave. Room by room I turned on the lights and searched for intruders. I left the the front door open to provide a means to escape. When I felt the coast was clear and everything was safe, I called Arlene out. She looked around the front of the house and said things had been moved but nothing was stolen. But were there really intruders? The fascinating thing about that night was how fear of the unknown seemed to change reality.) 

To go with this theme. I found this: Bushido "Les Memoires Blesses"

From one mystery to a murderous Taylor Swift look alike 

Rumor has it, Taylor Swift's mom wanted to name her Taylor because if you saw her name on a business card you wouldn't know if it was a boy or girl, Rumor also has it, Taylor Swift is far more attractive than Bart Baker. Bart is a Chicago, Illinois, YouTuber and parody artist. This Time he risks everything by taking on the Taylor Swift army, with his parody of her latest hit "Wildest Dream". 
So, the question is: Is Bart's parody funny enough or will we soon be reading someone's obituary? "Taylor Swift - "Wildest Dreams" PARODY" 

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