Saturday, October 17, 2015

Face Among The Dust to recognize Chris Pratt 

Do we remember the face of our teachers 

Do we remember the face of a movie star 

Face Among The Dust (Italian sonnet) 

And there he is this face among the dust
So much of life now glimmer in his eye
The traces of the glories now gone by
Are whispered in the winds of dreamers’ gust
Such silence echoes from his empty chair
Of images in long forgotten hues
Which disbelieving sages still excuse
Yet they are proof that something else was there
The time has changed the meaning of the stage
Where he could call enchantments to his side
The limits of the others were his pride
Before his story reached the final page
But those were moments buried in a while
When like his teachers fertile seeds would sow
From which familiar faces would soon grow
Who dusted off the reason for a smile

(There is a reason I have used so much metaphor in this sonnet. It has to do with the subject matter... teachers. May I suggest, rather than trying to analyse, let your feelings go with the flow. - I was very lucky to have so many good teachers in my life. (Let's just focus on my school days.) In a lot of ways, the person I am now started in 7th grade, when I met Mr. Johnny Land. Although the single biggest influence throughout my school days, he was but one of many faces behind this one. There was my English teacher Mr. Noble, my high school choir teacher and philosopher Mr. Wilkerson, Biology Mr. Ball, Physical Ed. Mr. Powers, and the list goes on and on. I was not a straight A student, but I did my best. I think what made me stand out was my willingness to stand out. I was always on stage, at the school's car wash, gave that little extra at homework, and more. I earned my letter as a junior. It wasn't so much that I was great. I was a show off, with great teachers. In enjoyed my time in school and was sad when it was all over and all those many faces took their places in my memory. When I became a coach for youth soccer and latter a teacher for the Masons, those familiar faces returned, welcoming me.) 

To go with this theme: Maurice Jarre "Dead Poets Society" 

From faces in memories to a face that tests memories 

The terrifying Mosasaurus,seen in the movie "Jurassic World", was not a dinosaur but a colossal marine lizard. Speaking of "Jurassic World", Chris Pratt starred in it. Christopher Michael "Chris" Pratt] is an actor  best known for his television roles, including Bright Abbott in "Everwood", and Andy Dwyer in "Parks and Recreation". Enough about him. Billy Eichner, of Billy on the Street, is a comedian who  tests the music and pop culture knowledge of passersby on the streets of New York City. Billy went out with Chris Pratt to see if anybody recognized him. 
Remember, Chris Pratt is an actor who starred in "Jurassic World". "Billy on the Street - Chris Pratt Lightning Round" 
(Spoiler Alert - this video was  edited for laughs sake,) 

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The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, 
the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, 
the fifth teaching others.
Solomon Ibn Gabriol

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