Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flowers to Multiplying Frogs Revealed 

The secret of flowers envelops lover 

The magic of Carbonaro frog envelops imagination 

Flowers (progressive/regressive poem) 

To flowers’
Hidden powers
Over special glow
Your smile begins the show
That there’s magic all around
Flowing with kisses which abound
To scent this wonder you sent my way
The greatest Joy I’ve come across today
Witnessing such beauty on display
From ones who slumber near the ground
And sways to the breeze’s sound
It’s better not to know
Why I love you so
Midst the showers
Of the hours
A sigh

(To form one of these (with or without rhymes) add one beat to each successive line. Then, one by one, take the beats away. One can  also use this concept to imitate winds and waves and such, to add a backdrop to a poem. In this poem I have tried to imitate a lover's frame of of mind building up to and calming down from a kiss. - There was this one person whose love began when a tear touched his arm. Then there  was a young man who enjoyed to figure things out. To dispel magic. To figure out how things were done. He would see magicians and "miracle workers" and ruin the moment for everyone. To help him, on his path of destruction, he even studied and learned a few of things that he tried to destroy. One day, at a magic show for children, these two persons met. Instead of watching the magician, he was captured by the magic of the children, as the moment worked its wonder. He could never turn back the clock of his age, but he could recapture a youthful acceptance he was so freely discarding. Oddly, the few slight of hands, he had learned grew more entertaining, as he learn to enjoy, rather than to analyze. And so it was; The legend of the magic tear lives on.) 

And so for the flowers: Isisip " The Lotus Flower" 

Introducing the magic of Carbonaco 

A frog completely sheds its skin about once a week. After it pulls off the old, dead skin, the frog usually eats it. Just thought this fact would be useless as we watch Carbonaco go to work. Michael Carbonaro is an Oakdale; New York actor, magician, and improv artist. Although this young magician has numerous awards, his magic's biggest claim to fame is, "It got me through college." Playing a teacher in college, Carbonano is about to teach his assistant a few things about frogs, 
Sit back and enjoy the magic. ",The Carbonaro Effect - Multiplying Frogs Revealed" 

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