Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Thought I Knew to the Promised Land on Family Feud 

A lover is faced with the meaning of the day 

A TV host is faced with the meaning of a contestant's answer 

I Thought I Knew (villanelle) 

I thought I knew the meaning of the day
To kiss a dream and dance along her shore
Till heaven came and swept my heart away
Each breath a greater wonder came my way
And to this purpose all I was I swore
I thought I knew the meaning of the day
Each passion moments fashioned my array
Enchantment I would pour along her floor
Till heaven came and swept my heart away
Her silent eyes would question my display
Was this the answer she was searching for
I thought I knew the meaning of the day
Too blind was I hear what sighs did say
As tears of time were heavy gems she wore
Till heaven came and swept my heart away
And now so lost in yesterdays I stray
To wish that I had listen to her more
I thought I knew the meaning of the day
Till heaven came and swept my heart away

(The last line. One thing I'm particularly proud of with this villanelle is the last line ("Till heaven came and swept my heart away"). The exact same words, but the meaning changes, depending on the context. So we have a poem with a line that may have been part of the speaker's problem. - I was particularly lucky with my relationship with Arlene. As time went on, we discovered we weren't exactly alike. Add to this that we grew in some different directions. But we saw and appreciated the benefit and magic of this. Time and time again, we saw this rift cause our married friends to separate, like in the villanelle. Arlene and I were blessed to understand the power and fascination in our differences. To be honest, I didn't always grasp where Arlene was coming from or going, and I'm confident she was going through the same thing. We listened and were sensitive to our needs. I will say this, our differences made us an impressive team.)

Now let's have Journey's take on this: Journey :Still She Cries" 

Interpretation - Take it Steve Harvey 

Accord to the Huffington Post, Bud Light is America's most popular beer. Remember that if you are ever on Family Feud and that question is asked. Family Feud is a game show created by Mark Goodson where two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions. On a resent show Steve Harvey, the host, asked a contestant, "What's the first part of your mate that you touch to get her in the mood?" Steve's reaction to the contestant's response was hilarious. 
What would you answer? "Larry goes to the PROMISED LAND!! | Family Feud" 
(According to Fox News, this episode was almost pulled, because Steve Harvey had pushed the envelope.) 

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