Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kiss Of Night to Every Halloween Ever 

A kiss at night turns into a nightmare 

A quest for candy turns into every Halloween ever 

Kiss Of Night (Shakespearean sonnet) 

His world caressed forgiving kiss of night
The scent of life’s allurement all around
No reason for dark shadows on the ground
And there she was his object of delight
Her image fair this dream laced minuet
A youth so blessed by springtime’s wonderment
That smile her eyes were splendor’s heaven sent
And with the moon was stage of passion set
The couple met as stars began their play
Deep in his eyes she gazed some future fate
Within his arms her keys to ever wait
He claimed her heart and they were on their way
Their passion formed one more unanswered stream
As people gathered no one heard her scream 

(A love story/poem gone bad, would be putting it lightly. We start off with him, then we drifted to her and then we see them as a couple. It all sounds pretty good, so far. Even as we come to the rhyming couplet, everything was going well, as the crowd gathered. It isn't until the very end the cover is pulled off the gruesome crime. This is an example of playing with the mind. - The Masonic ritual is set. It contains over 6 million words and doesn't allow for any ad libbing (though mistakes often happen). It took me 6 years to set the 3 degrees and the funeral to memory. I was good, but not the best. As I took the stage, what was I to do to add to what was for hundreds of years? Our members have been sitting through the rituals since they became Masons. Imagine watching the same movie over and over and over and... Attendance was faltering. What was I to do? First: I practiced in front of full length mirror. Second: I went to see what others were doing. Thirdly: I made sure I was delivering the lessons they wanted and needed to hear. The surprise factor.  Fourth: I would directly interact with my audience, by making eye contact.  Lastly and what I believe made me a winner: I would encourage interaction and participation before, during the intermission and after the ritual. I believe it was "the surprise factor" that gained me popularity and brought attendance up as more men adopted my tactics and added their own. The surprise factor.) 

Here is a song/production to go with the sonnet: Kurt Weill "Mack the Knife" 

With the mood set how about some Halloween 

I bet you didn't know there was a $1,000 fine for using or selling silly string in Hollywood in Halloween. Talking about silly, take Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh. You don;t want them, you say. Oh well. Can I convince you to watch their latest video? The duo insist it is a compilation of the Halloweens we all ave experienced. I don't know about that. It did make me laugh, though.
Are you sure, I can;t talk you into taking Ian and Anthony? They are house broken. "EVERY HALLOWEEN EVER" 

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