Monday, October 19, 2015

Land Of Lofty Lovers to Jurassic World's cheap trailer 

A world beyond earthly riches 

A world that could use a few more dollars 

Land Of Lofty Lovers (Martin verse) 

I saw my love again today
Delighting me with her display
And once again I’m swept away
To land lofty lovers do stray
Each flower bears her gentle scent
Each breeze whispered kiss she sent
And for her smile the sun was meant
And for her love this dream was spent
She’s all I think about today
Each heartbeat is a song she sent
And in her eyes my soul was meant
Here was the breath made reason stray
Reality its vicious scent
It yearns to put pain on display
And wishes cast so far away
In hopes our land is spent
Yet somewhere still my thoughts will stray
Those years since my love passed away
And still she’s here this grand display
I saw my love again today 

(Another example of a Martin verse. A poetic form I created in 2010. Its haunting effectiveness is its reuse of words. In this case a whole line: "I saw my love again today". In the beginning, supported by lofty ideas, the words have a different meaning as the same words have in the end. A thought provoking demonstration of change. - On a broad view, Arlene's and my world was pretty remarkable. As proof of our luster. other people and organisations enjoyed having us around. When I was with Arlene, little else seemed to matter. Sure, there was a lot I could ave done better. But consider a relationship so rich that one dare not change even the shortfalls, the pains, the arguments and the sorrows. Arlene died in 2002. Sure, it was extremely painful. But I was blessed to have given to me such vast moments. Moments which we danced to. Moments which return to kiss away the need for tears.) 

Arlene didn't like flowers, but she did like this song: 
Henry Mancini "Days Of Wine And Roses" 

Money may not be everything  but a little more sure helps 

Pteranodon had a wingspan of up to 18 feet, yet paleontologist say they had unusually weak feet, making a certain scene in "Jurassic World" impossible. Considering this was a science fiction movie there may be a hole in the paleontologists' theory. Another theory is that movie trailers don't have to be expensive. For this we turn to Matthew Potter.  Mathew is a new YouTuber, who read something (once) about paleontology With a whopping.£50 (about 77.37 US Dollars), which he borrowed from his mum, he created this very cost defective trailer for "Jurassic Wold". 
One problem with Mathew's trailer (one of many) is: "Jurassic World" has been out for several months and it already has fairly good trailers. "Jurassic World - Sweded Trailer" 

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