Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Last Memory to Impossible Password 

Lovers relive moments set to memory 

People try to relive a password set to memory 

Last Memory (lyrical poem) 

One last memory
Come share it with me
This last chance to see
What we grew to be
We traveled so far
To follow our star
And bore every scar
To say here we are
And tides washed the shore
Where we used to play
And kiss everyday
To never need more
One last memory
A moment set free
When lovers like we
Met our destiny
Two flowers in bloom
A gentle perfume
Dispelling all gloom
That dreams may resume
And time washed the shore
Where we used to stray
As kisses set way
To be there once more
One last memory
This past fantasy
That asked for no fee
For heavens to flee
And once more we’re there
With so much to share
No needs and no care
Just bask in the air
Of last memory
That you made with me

(Another lyrical poem waiting for a song. My intent was an AAB AAB AA coda pattern, but I'm not set on it. The theme of the poem is memories. But what are memories? Something we passed through, whether a long time ago or just now. The poem is meant to toy with our perception of memories. She just now kissed me. That could be my last memory. - People are amazed with how well I'm dealing with my age and my situation. They try to comfort me and tell me there is so much more to be done. But consider the individual who wrote this poem. Even on romance, I created memories.It may be true, there are things waiting to be done, but at my age I have so many marvelous memories. And what were those memories? Where they really as great as all that? I'm pretty sure they weren't. But the positive wealth of my memories have built them into more. My last memory? The rich memories of others.)

Speaking of memories: Ray Charles "Sweet Memories" 

Do we ever have problems with our passwords 

According to Magic Web Solutions LLC, it is a fallacy that “Strong” passwords are difficult to compromise. Hackers have gotten too good. Still, companies ask us to use complicated passwords and to change them often. Feeling safe, we comply. But over time, we become frustrated and confused. All the while, our efforts have only made hackers more sophisticated. Gregg Bensen, of Mediocre Films, has come up with a solution. With the help of Intel Security and armed with some free movie tickets, Gregg tests his theory on Mr, and Ms, Joe Public. 
What is Gregg's solution? Laughs. "IMPOSSIBLE PASSWORD PRANK!" 

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