Thursday, October 29, 2015

Meaningless Meaning to Bad Lip Reading of  First Democratic Debate 
A man discovers a new meaning beyond his window 
Democrats find new meaning beyond their lips 

Meaningless Meaning (recalling poem) 

I looked though my window
A window which took a lifetime to fashion
A lifetime of Joy and tears
Of Joy at the person which I became
The person with so much to share
So much were the chances waiting in the street
Chances waiting for a sun to shine
To shine on a dream yet to come
A dream which fights to hold on
To hold a hope it fashioned long ago
It fashioned the meaning of the morning
The meaning of my bless├ęd gift
Of my path which brought me here
Which brought on this time and this moment
This time through the window of eternity
Of eternity when once more I stretch forth my hand
I stretch across the reason of faith
Across the meaningless meaning of words
Meaningless meaning refreshing the spring of a dream
Refreshing the window which now I looked through

(This is not a free form poem, even though there is no use of rhymes. If one looks at each line, we will notice it uses a word from the proceeding line. Hence as we go along, each line is dependent on the what came before. - There I was, receiving yet another award from the Freemasons. I was becoming a 33rd degree Mason, a big honor, for my charity work. During the degree's intermission, at the Oakland Scottish Rite, I had a chance to look through my window across the ripples of Lake Merced. What had brought me here? Way back when, there was a houseboy who wanted to be a music teacher; who became a creative dreamer, for a major oil company, who made flags "magically" float in mid air. (Don't tell me, money can't buy anything.) Now there I was, an average man who had brought Toys For Tots back to California's Masons, as well as some successful programs for the public schools. Like the poem, there were countless other windows, but the connections of my dreams have brought me here. )

Some mood music to celebrate our dreams: Elmara "Training" 

In another dream Democrats debate 

The Democratic Party was formed in 1794 by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and others to take on Vice President John Adams and Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party. Now, I'm pretty sure the things that come out of a politician's mouths now are much different once they get elected. I'm not alone in this belief, nor do I believe our leaders are purposely lying. (At least most of them.) With this in mind, why don't we sit back and enjoy ourselves in the show? The folks at Bad Lip Reading share in our opinion, and have put together an alternative to the first Democrat debate of 2015. 
The scary thing is, Bad Lip Reading's might be better than the real thing. "'FIRST DEMOCRATIC DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015' —- A Bad Lip Reading of the First Democratic Debate" 

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Our truest life is when we are in dreams 
Henry David Thoreau

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