Sunday, October 25, 2015

Soldier Of The War to The Texas Law Hawk 
The soldier - Defender their country 
The attorney - Defender of the law 

Soldier Of The War (Martin verse) 

Where do you wander soldier of the war
Defending us on distant foreign shore
When country called you offered so much more
And near your heart rests what you’re fighting for
A star of purpose ever guides your sight
As by your side dear friends join in the fight
And in their trust you form to face your plight
Not knowing if you’ll see the morning’s light
And while you search for meaning of the war
The souls of your confusion start to fight
Will grave forgotten be your final plight
Or will you see the hope worth dying for
Your will to strive is prodded by one sight
To be with family on friendly shore
For this you withstand just one nightmare more
Before your home and doorway see your light
No special heroes’ greetings to look for
You’re done and we don’t need you anymore
With wounds still bleeding on a distant shore
Where do you wander soldier of the war 

(Another example of a Martin verse. I've chosen an odd number, for the beats of each line, to add a sense that there is something wrong. One might pick up, on each line, there is something not quite right. - Much of what I accomplished was do to the shoulders of my supporters. People who believed in me. Funny, that most of this was connected to a lesson taught to me by a boss and teacher, Dave Lupinski, when I worked at a restaurant. He taught me to listen to customers. Not just their menu orders, but their day, their troubles and anything else they wanted to get off their shoulders or share. Don;t talk. Just listen. But, listen attentively. It's good for bushiness and it it's good for tips. People like to talk. And talking requires listening. So I became a good listener. As I turned to charity work, I learned that people are basically good. They wanted to help. But how? This is where my listen training came back into play. By listening to what people said, I gained an insight into what they could and were willing to do. My ability to listen, gained many-a shoulder to raise me up Talking requires listening. Some of these people were veterans. And this i where the poem comes in. Veterans would share with this listener their service experience. Many of them gave me the privilege to things they kept buried deep inside. With years of  our veterans stories on my shoulders and in my heart, I can honestly say, America doesn't do enough to serve them who served us. Never forget.) 

And for this theme: Dimitri Tiomkin "The Green Leaves of Summer" 

Ridiculous or true 

The first lawyers in history weren’t actually lawyers. In ancient Greece, the earliest attorneys were actually orators who became advocates for people. Now, Bryan E. Wilson is neither ancient nor Greek. He is a licensed Fort Worth, Texas criminal defense attorney. With only 5 years experience Bryan was selected as one of the top criminal defense attorneys. The question across Fort Worth, across Texas, across America across the internet: Are his commercials for real? 
Come to think about it, maybe Bryan's commercials play a part in the number of cases he wins. "Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk: Commercial 3" 

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