Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stardust to One Way To Get A Phone Number 

One set of lovers proclaim their love in stardust 

One set of lovers proclaim their love in a phone number 

Stardust (English sonnet) 

Did stardust exist before our eyes met
So funny the things I just can’t recall
I wonder if world existed at all
But song in the air I’ll never forget
It sang to my heart let pale reason fall
And enter a realm where dreams never set
It’s just passed this kiss yet far passed regret
Where wishes are free and senses enthrall
Then time held its breath to moment so dear
As eyes spoke the words of lovers so new
Then flowers enchanted this passing so near
As stars up in heaven gathered to view
Then all I once knew would soon disappear
As stardust like rain proclaimed I love you

(If one is looking for the traditional iambic pentameter beat of a traditional sonnet, one won't find it. After all, the speaker is lost in love. From the confusion of the beats appears the repetition of the "then", leading to the conclusion.- It wasn't "love at first sight" that started the love affair Arlene and I enjoyed. It was a magic tear that Arlene shed, and touched my arm, on that night we said our goodbyes (or so the legend goes). Oh ya sure...A magic tear. Well, that tear was a small example of the spells Arlene could weave over me. As the years with Arlene went on, she still had the power to make my heart and soul feel like a moment was the first time. The first time we met, the first time we danced, the first time we kissed.... Perhaps one could explain it all. Perhaps a reason can dismiss the fantasy. Perhaps a girl was playing on a guy's needs. Analyse it all we want. Or give in to paradise.)

So let's add a little stardust: Nat King Cole "Stardust" 

Next victim 

The term “love” is from the Sanskrit lubhyati, meaning “desire". I try to explain this to my Filipino wife, as I tell her, "mahal kita.". No matter what the explanation ":love at first sight" could happen to anyone, anywhere. BuzzFeed Video gives us an insight into a couple who have so much more in common. In the modern world, a phone number is more important than a kiss. Will he get it? 
Remember, this is supposed to be funny, so put aside an awe or two and laugh, "The One Way To Get A Phone Number/ 

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