Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sunset Calling to Little Democrats Debate 

As sunset calls a traveler sighs a sad reminder 

As sunset calls children shine of hope 

Sunset Calling (poem) 

It called upon a gentle sunset
Across the fields of long ago
A melody refreshing
Danced its moments through my heart
It sang about those treasured days
Of smiles and laughter youth displays
Of lovers and their hideaways
As flowers’ whispers formed a maze
It sang about a gentle face
And all my cares flowed through this grace
No other beauty could I trace
A dream’s desire I can’t erase
It sang about the kisses shared
As moments flared went unimpaired
And to each other secrets bared
Till holding future we prepared
And on and on the sweet tune went
Past each refrain a new one sent
Until my soul felt what it meant
And tears began to flow
It called upon a gentle sunset
Another chance I didn’t take

(This could be a free form poem, except for one point. In the first stanza we are introduced to the speaker. Notice that the next succession of stanzas rhyme except for the last line. In the final two lines, we gain an insight, as the speaker returns. - Early in my youth, there was a girl, Gloria. She was the girl, in school, that all the boys were after. As sought after as I was, I never bothered going after her. After all, what would Gloria want with me? Years later, Gloria asked me why I never approached her. I found out, she found me as unapproachable as I found her. It was an irony that would wake something up in me. I swore to never let things pass me by again. Later in life, I visited people in the hospital. Some of these people were dying. Those who felt they had a full and complete life were content with their approaching death. In the lesson of Gloria, to the dying people, is the message of the poem.) 

To go with this theme, we offer the paintings of Goya and: 
Wayra "Voices of the Wind"  

Now let's see what tomorrow's leaders have to say 

Why is the Democrat party's mascot an ass? Legend has it, Andrew Jackson was labelled a "jackass" by his opponents during the presidential race of 1828, so the Democrats went with it and adopted the donkey as their party's symbol. As far as the elephants (Republicans), they recently held their first debate. Then it was the Democrat's turn.To be fair to both sides, it's only fair that we bring back the kids, to act out their reactions.
Ever hear, :Out of the mouth of babes"? Well, watch and enjoy."Little Democrats: 1st Democratic Debate" 

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The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions - 
the little soon-forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a 
kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of 
a playful raillery, and the countless other infinitesimal 
of pleasurable thought and genial feeling. 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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