Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sunset’s Mist to The Lion's Blaze 3 
Sunset's mist sweeps a couple off into a fantasy 
The Lion's Blaze sweeps a group of friends off into a fantasy 

Sunset’s Mist (poem) 

The sunset threw its mist upon the night
To cast its dreams within true lovers’ hearts
A melody of magic it imparts
Which draws us in until the senses starts
The wishes from the stardust soon ignite
The seams of what is real and fantasy
A song which yearns it place in memory
A place for us in all that there can be
Though clouds may come and try to confuse sight
And try to tear away a truth so real
A note to make this moment they would steal
And bare their shrouds around the way we feel
Yet still the mist sends whispers to delight
A beam of hope to keep those stars in view
A serenade of kisses meant for two
This timeless moment night of loving you

(Here we have an example of a two fold rhyme pattern. One rhyme unique to each stanza. One rhyme to tie the whole poem together. - Yes, I was captivated by Arlene. It wasn't just the sunset, though I really liked the evenings and the passing of time into memories. (And Arlene and I were wizards at creating memories) Whether another trip to Disneyland, to try and recapture that perfection of the day we were wed; or reenacting that walk from school, one more time; or cuddling under a warm blanket with countless "remember whens". Arlene and I were masters of time, or perhaps It's just that we did so much. As we danced and lived, each "song" seemed long enough. There was a mist which heaven's stars had blessed two people with. And in this mist moments were made. Could it really have been so? We all have our mists.)

A mist of moments made for romance, so strike up the mood: Jo Manji "Innocence" 

Love's mist clears to a fantasy of a different sort 

Most true nerds agree that in 1974, the first true RPG (role playing game) was released by TSR (Tactical Studies Rules) when Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson collaborated to create Dungeons and Dragons. Which led to The Lion's Blaze, one of the favorite video games of Youubers Olan Rogers and his pal Jake Sidwell. In episode 3, Olan and Jake, beside dealing with the game's usual foes, invited some of their friends to join in the adventures. Was this well planned?
If you are looking to buy The Lion's Blaze, Jake promises to make it available just as soon as companies are finished improving computers. "THE LION'S BLAZE 3" 

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