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Tale Of Tears to Cell Addicting 
A phone offers no help for a lost lover 
Cell phones create a problem for a family - but a great song 

Tale Of Tears (poem) 

Tears across the dreams which were our sky
Tears replace the streams of days gone by
Tears now fill the themes of music’s sigh
Tears of joyous gleams all turned to why
Shadows fill the streets of one more day
Loneliness awaits to dim the sun
Sadness drinks in moments now undone
Tears now answer why she went away
Messages on phone but none are hers
Friends concerned if I am still alright
Strangely I had vanished from their sight
Tears of madness in my being stirs
Darkness was my empty destiny
Promises of shelter from my pain
Seasons of confusion to make plain
Tears delusion blurred my knife from me
Through a window all my senses flew
Timeless were then minutes I there knew
Different the things I thought were true
Tears had brought a rainbow to my view

(Here is a poem that begins with tears and ends with tears of different type. The first stanza is filled with tears and tears end the four following stanzas. There is a reason for this. Also, did you notice that the rhyme pattern used in the first stanza returned at the conclusion? - When Arlene was gone, the world was much different. It was completely unreal. Although my two kids (I think) were in the house. "I think" because I was unsure of a lot. A lot except that my friends were keeping a close watch over me. They prepared me meals and ate with me. They took me out.  They sat with me. They asked me for insights, which they insisted only I had. I was understandably depressed. One day, my friend David and his wife took me to Nick's Rockaway, in Pacifica. They didn't know it, but Arlene and I came here for dinner, every so often. I had never been at Nick's during the day. Nick's directly overlooks the Pacific Ocean and David's wife, Estel, arranged a window table for us. David and Estel were talking as I was looking over the Pacific. As I watched the calm waves, it started coming back to me.The smiles, the walks, the times, the wonder. It was so overwhelming I began to cry. But, Estel noticed there was something different in my tears. I still remember the echo of her words as she sipped her champagne, "You two must have been wonderful.")

The mood of those tears: Jervy Hou "A Breathtaking Piano Piece" 

Are people laughing at this parody or themselves 

According to The Daily Mail, the average person spends more time on their electronic devices than they do sleeping. I'm not sure if Deva Dalporto, of My Life Sucks, is aware of this fact. She has a family to deal with. With two kids and a husband (not to mention cough, cough), I'm pretty sure she knows the challenges of the cell phone(s). It only took a hook, by Timmy Thomas (Why Can't We Live Together), again brought into the spotlight by Drake (Call Me On My Cell Phone), to turn her concern into song. 
If this song hits a little close to home, just say to yourself, "That sure is a great hook." "Drake - Hotline Bling Parody - Cell Addicting" 

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