Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Lady Of The Tides to Jeffpardy 
What answers does this lady keep 
What questions does this new version of an old game show keep 

The Lady Of The Tides (English sonnet) 

Again the sun has come to kiss the sea
And there she stands the lady of the tide
What is the secret which she bears inside
What nightly hope does ocean help to free
So strange the calm which greets her stride
And heaven’s stars to guide her clarity
Into the vastness soon her eyes can see
Into the wonders lonesome hearts may hide
Oh lady share what you are searching for
We yearn to know what’s there beyond the waves
It seems our dreams are echoing your style
The lady softly turns to face the shore
Unwanted queries now her beauty braves
The answers to our questions was her smile

(There are two main things going on in this sonnet. First, notice that I repeated the first words of the last lines of the quatrains. This was done as an emphasis. Secondly, I hope I got you so wrapped up in the romance of the poem, to not notice I gave no reason for the lady's smile. This was done to allow the reader to let imagination to fill in the possibilities. - There was another lady in my life. Nancy was her name. Although she was very beautiful, I was only interested in her friendship (and making other guys envious). I never even kissed her, not even on the cheek. Arlene didn't mind me seeing her, Maybe it was for the same reason I liked Nancy. Nancy was great for giving me a different insight. She saw the world a lot differently than me. As insightful and brilliant as I thought Nancy was, she was plagued by bad luck. She was divorced and, as much insight she had into people, not to mention her beauty, she could not maintain a relationship. Then there was her house, her cars, her family and other little things. It was crazy. Yet, over it all, Nancy always had a smile for me. A smile, an ear and some positive insights. What did Nancy see over her ocean, to preserve the warmth of her smile for me?)

As we dabble in this mystery: Seth Lakeman  "Lady Of The Sea" 

Looking for new questions to answers 

Many people don't know that Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy, is a Guinness World Record holder. He broke Bob Barker’s record for having hosted the most episodes of a game show back in June of 2014, clocking in 6,829 episodes. The days of Ken Jennings, Jeopardy's greatest and longest running contestant, are gone. Maybe the questions are too hard. Alex decided to take the bull by the horns. To make things a bit easier on contestants, why not have Jeff be the theme of the show.
Let's see if Alex hit on something. "Jeffpardy!" 

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