Monday, October 5, 2015

The Teeth to Bear and Annoying Lady 

A mam is caught in the teeth of an unknown terror 

A lady is caught in the teeth of an annoying terror 

The Teeth (poem) 

The teeth
The chill
So still
Which came
To flame
A sense
Now tense
By schemes
Of dreams
Which prey
On stray
In thoughts
Which hide
A past
In head
There bred
To steer
Our fear
To sewn
Like mists
Or twists
We can’t
For now
The pain
Has screwed
And chewed
My heart
And brought
This chilling

(First note this poem doesn't have the normal breaks I use. It is unclear what the terror is. After a swarm of two syllable rhymes, the poem is brought to a chilling stop. This is a mind game. The brain is set up to expect a pattern, then something new is introduced. - In my life. fear is a funny thing. When I was young, being beaten by my abusive step-father was the only thing I was afraid of. Perhaps it was his beating that made me so fearless. I left that environment when I was sixteen. I continued to be a daredevil for some time. When I entered college, I became a saber fencer. A painful sport, even with all the padding. To make the pain more bearable, the instructor suggested we have our girlfriends kiss our welts, caused by saber impacts. As I grew older, a strange new creature started crawling around in my brain. I didn't notice when it first moved in. I first noticed it in a car, with my mother's boyfriend. The car was going beyond the speed of the speedometer. (A situation that would normally produce fear, but for me would uncover more.) The strange new something was fear. It seems that my mind started to fixate on things, and make them more than hey really were. It got so bad I had to go to therapy to learn to manage my fears. I learned that some of my fears were just a natural part of growing old. Some of my unnatural fears may be a product of my youth. As part of my therapy my doctor shared some horrors experienced by others. I was lucky to seek help when I did. Fear is a funny thing.)

On the subject of fear and terror let's turn to Faure: Gabriel Fauré "Libera Me" 

Fear can be annoying 

The Ursa Major or “Great Bear” constellation is the third-largest constellation and contains the Big Dipper. Speaking of bears, on September 29 a video of an annoying lady, a bear and a kayak went viral. (Black Bear Gnaws on Delta 15s Seakayak in Berg Bay, Alaska) In it a lady pepper sprays a bear who proceeds to destroy her kayak, as she yells annoyingly. Greg Benson, of Mediocre Films, went one step further by producing a fun filled parody of this annoyingly funny piece of viral video history. 
The parody video contains a link to the original video, for those who haven't seen it, "BEAR EATS ANNOYING WOMAN'S KAYAK (Parody)" 

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