Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Waves to Cool Dad 

Two lovers are swept in waves of memories of this 

A father tries to create waves of memories for his daughter and friends 

The Waves (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The waves return upon the glowing sands
The waves of promise wonders to explore
The waves beyond the weary world’s commands
The waves of fragrant scents of evermore
They’re calling from the seas of long ago
When falling leaves caught whispers which were aired
Forestalling heaven mid rich kisses’ flow
Enthralling ever with a moment shared
So let us bid an answer to our day
The streets of fascination all can wait
Don’t let the sands of dreams just drift away
And let regretful teardrops doom their fate
The waves are calling please remember this
The waves recalling moment of first kiss

(This is not so much a poem as it is a word play. In the first stanza "waves" is introduced. In the second stanza, we play with words that rhyme with "calling". In the conflict stanza both themes are dropped. In the rhyming couplet both themes are back and merged. - It was only natural for Arlene and I to try and relive our magic moments. In time, we realized we could't climb to the heights of the memories we created, So what were we to do when we wanted to enjoy, or revisit, some of those memories and not be disappointed? Disneyland, Carmel and Santa Cruz were our top challenges, as we enjoyed returning to these wonder filled moments. We found the answer in the waves.The waves of feelings and memories. Arlene and I learned to shed our expectations and allow our precious waves to carry us.)

And, of course, there were kisses: Bliss "Kisses"  

From romance to ridiculous 

MRI scans show that a teenager's prefrontal cortex works much harder than an adult's and that's why it's difficult for them to decide if a situation is dangerous or not. Another problem can be their relationship with their father. Especially the cool dad of Lemonade Stand. Lemonade Stand is a Los Angeles based sketch comedy group featuring Nick Skardarasy, Hannah Pearlman and Michael Clauw. Here, Nick, playing the cool dad, is trying to impress his daughter's friends.. His daughter pulls him aside and sets him straight. 
Or does she? "Lemonade Stand: Cool Dad" 

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