Friday, October 2, 2015

They Dared A Dream to People Who've Never Heard Of Spaghetti 

Lovers dared to give their dream a try 

People dared to give spaghetti a try 

They Dared A Dream (round) 

They dared a dream to dance into the day
A challenge made in mist of lovers’ mind
Who when together to all else were blind
So their enchantment to a dream did stray
Imaginations’ thrills the dream entwined
As every turn brought feast of something new
With every breath they lit a wonder drew
Till heaven’s stairs were thoughts they had designed
Such endless limits filled the lovers’ view
Confusion saw the glory of their light
Was then they felt the sunset of their night
As summer’s dream brought parting rains’ warm dew
But in the cavern of their darkest blight
They woke to find their dream had gone away
And left them holding lifetime seconds play
To dance in knowledge dream graced to their sight

(At first glance, this looks like an Italian sonnet, but it is a round. Follow the rhyme scheme and you will notice that the rhyme pattern of each stanza leads to the rhyme pattern of the next stanza. The last stanza leads back to the first. With this rhyme pattern in mind, it lends a sense of hope to this poem. - When Arlene graduated from high school, our outlet for social dancing was extremely limited. Luckily I met my future best man,Mario. He introduced us to the world garage dance clubs. These were private "parties", put on by individuals in backrooms, in San Francisco's Mission district. They didn't ask for I.D.s,  only the word of friends, that we were okay. Disco was blooming just about the time Arlene turned 21. We went out dancing long after our credit cards ran out, Thank goodness Disco died when it did, as Arlene and I were well dressed lovers in financial straights.Then came our parent years. There were very few parties, for us, which included dancing. Most of our dancing during this period was at home. Though romantic, Arlene and I couldn't help but feel a time in our life was over. Then came the time we were put in charge of Lodge parties. One of my friends suggested I give this live band a try. Guess what! 6 of the 8 band members played in those earlier garage dance clubs. The keyboardist, Armando, recognized us as "those two dancers". So as others were turning to DJs for their music, Arlene and I still had access to friends; to memories. A second chance.)

With all of this, enjoy this great video: Rihanna "Stay" 

Do you believe there are people who have never had spaghetti 

Contrary to popular belief, Marco Polo did not discover pasta. There is evidence that the ancient Italians made pasta much like we do today. The folks at Funny Or Die were curious what people who have never had spaghetti would think of it. After a long and arduous search, they found 4 people (from this planet) who have never even heard of spaghetti. (No, they are not deaf.)
You are about to see 4 people "enjoying" spaghetti for the first time. "People Who've Never Heard Of Spaghetti Try Spaghetti For The First Time" 
(Spoiler alert - This video was made for laughs only) 

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