Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wonder Which Is You to Life With A Cat 

A lover finds his fulfillment in a dream 

A couple find their fulfillment in a cat 

Wonder Which Is You (round) 

Please take me to the wonder which is you
Across the flow of splendor and surprise
To timeless Joy which only dreams devise
To kiss the spring where wishes all come true
What strains the song of you brings to my eyes
Refrains from meadows of another day
Lush lanes were lovers’ fancies freely play
The rains which warm the rainbows of your sighs
Don’t let this gift this moment slip away
I know tomorrows always wander near
As well as heartache’s reason for a tear
Who knows the times for fantasies to stray
So take me to the wonder I revere
And let my heart know soul which it beats to
A memory which timelessness is due
The way of life and love which brought us here

(Another version of a round. In this form, the rhyme cycles blooms from the center, like a flower. The last rhyme scheme leads back to the first. - Like this poem I was helplessly and joyfully caught in the cycle of love. Maybe many of you are too. Are there days that are somehow better and you're just not certain why? Ever been in a bad situation and a ray of light, perhaps a song, maybe a familiar fragrance or an image from a memory calls us back. It's okay. I will be waiting. A box of candy. Her favorite perfume A small surprise. A thank you, and it starts once more. Oh yes, there were some times that tested, blinded and tried to steal a lifetime. But something opened our eyes from this sleep, to again rejoice in the cycle. A cycle within a cycle. A cycle which grew fuller, richer, more fulfilling than we ever dreamed possible. I was caught in the cycle of love. Maybe many of you are too.) 

Let us celebrate the cycle: Elvis Presley "Can't Help Falling In Love" 

Okay, the couple is in love, Now what? 

According to veterinarians, in 2014, the most popular name for dogs and cats was Bella. His name wasn't Bella, but rather Tiger. Tiger is a cat, welcomed into the home of a loving couple. Friskies and BuzzFeed Video bring to life the tale of this love filled home. 
We hope Tiger's new family bring a smile. "Life With A Cat // Presented By BuzzFeed & Friskies" 

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