Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Time To Dance to Stormirooper Longboard Race 
Lovers wait for a time to dance 
Meanwhile stormtroopers take some time to longboard 

A Time To Dance (Shakespearean sonnet) 

There will be time enough for us to dance
To dream with you and love renew once more
And kisses cause our hearts to pause and sore
Another turn to dip in our romance
There always will be one more lovers’ tune
A guaranty how close you’ll be to me
To gaze in eyes of starlit skies and see
The angels on the sidelines sigh and swoon
I know for now we drift on distant clouds
The storm that came this time to claim will pass
And tears will gain their whirl of pain alas
For this short while our ballroom hides in shrouds
Till morning breaks in new and lasting song
Sleep now my love and soon I’ll be along

(A Shakespearean sonnet plus. If one takes a closer look, they will notice some word wizardry going on, For instance: "...with you and love renew..". This poem is stuffed with extra rhymes. Then there is the meaning of the poem. There are a number of ways to take this sonnet. - When it was time for me to go to college, I had to leave home. My mother didn't think education was that  important. Into the  picture came Mr. Ogletree, a teacher and a friend of Mr. Land. (Mr. Land was a teacher who looked after me all through my schooling.) Mr. Ogletree let me live with him and his wife until I found a place of my own. Mr. Ogletree's wife was very beautiful, but very sad. Mr. Ogletree was a very busy man. I saw more of him at school and at church, where I sang in his choir, than I did at his home. His wife, shared with me Mr. Ogletree's constant promise, that there would be time for them to be together once his work was done. Imagine: a married lady sharing her problems with an 18 year old boy. She waited. I'm not sure what happened. I found an apartment in the Tenderloin. Mrs. Ogletree died. Mr. Ogletree went to live in Atlanta, Georgia, where he and his wife met. I learned a lot from Mr. Ogletree. No matter how busy I got, there was always time for Arlene, Amor and my kids. So there we have it. Three messages behind the poem.)

Let's go with the happier flow: Armik "Tango Flamenco" 

Ever wonder what Star Wars storm troopers did for fun 

The Imperial stormtroopers, of Star Wars fame, were the evolution of the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. Even these warriors like no others have their time off. Ever wonder what they did off camera. So did Scott David Winn. of ScottDW. Now Scott was able to capture, for us, this rare video footage. Thanks to Sctt Winn, armed with this information, we can the hit at the next Star Wars convention. 
And if we're not, blame it on Scott Winn. "Stormtrooper Longboard Race!" 

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  1. Poor Mrs Ogletree. Letting people know that they are loved and important can NEVER wait. Or it can, but it shouldn't.

    1. thank you for stopping by.
      another message of the poem is eternity.
      makes one wonder.