Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Forever Never to Chicago Sanitation 
What is it calling just beyond forever's door 
What is the rut of Chicago television 

Forever Never (Shakespearean sonnet)

Somehow the world he knew had changed this day
He wanders through the realms of what or how
For answers which his reason won’t allow
What was it now which calls his mind to stray
What was it which was eating at his soul
Its nature or what purpose did it weave
Destruction or some pleasure to conceive
And with it gone did something fill the hole
It felt to him some answer to a prayer
A flip-side to a long unwanted coin
To share the fate of mate forever join
A sacrifice for evil something fair
And so it was the world had something lost
And their forever never was the cost

(Here is an interesting use of the sonnet form. We use the standard sonnet form. I have chosen the Shakespearean sonnet. Instead of a "love theme", I tried to lead an imagination off. Thus we have a question which weaves a question. - (Before I go on, I want to make it clear, this is just one example, There might be others.) Have you ever faced a decision, a fork in the road in your life? Particularly when life seems upside down. This happened to me at least five times and each time I became a different person. It was September 1, 1984. I was bouncing my one year old son on my knee. I was high on marijuana. I had been stoned almost every day for the past five years. I was one of those people who give marijuana a good reputation. I was so good that my boss, at Chevron, gave me eye drops and encouraged me to use breath mints, to cover up the fact that I was stoned. I was a remarkable worker. (I was one of those who marijuana made better.) On this day (Sept. 1), I asked myself, "Is this the kind of father Peter (my son) would want?" Right or wrong, I stopped using drugs that day and have never used them again.)

To go with this poem, I've selected: U2 "Unknown Caller" 

Now let's go to Chicago, again

Next time that you zip up your pants, remember Chicago. The zipper was invented there in 1851. Does the name Dick Wolf ring a bell? He is the television producer of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. It is rumored that someone has whispered a "new" idea into his ear. Considering the successes of his other 3 shows, why not recycle ideas and backdrops? After all, why ask the television viewers to be too imaginative?
It worked 3 times before,why not a forth time? The possibilities are endless. But first (or forth): "Chicago Sanitation"

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Andre Gide 

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