Monday, November 30, 2015

Gone Is The Cloud to It Only Takes a Second 
A drifter wanders the safety of what was 
Dads wander their mobile phones versus the safety of their children 

Gone Is The Cloud (free form poem) 

Gone is the cloud which danced through the sky
The warm welcome ear
That long lasting smile
Gone is the water’s refreshing reply
Of things which could be
From now forgotten
Gone is the meaning wandering why
It happened at all
And don’t look around
Who knows the wind which make a dream fly
A blind eye to chance
A frolicking heart
And wonders once felt truth can’t deny
The lingering doubts
Safety of others
And not a single tear did they cry
It didn’t seem right
As they looked around
No further effort was made to try
There’s somebody else
But what was the name
Did it even say a last goodbye
One last memory
Till we meet again

(Even in this free form poem we have a sense that there is something going on. First we have the repetition of "Gone is the" which disappears for the rest of the poem. Then we have the "And" which leads one to briefly expect a new repetition will begin. But it doesn't. Then there is the overall nature of the poem. Three lines to each stanza, with the first line being longer than the other two. What is the form of the "formless" trying to suggest? Did we even notice the rhyme of the first lines? - When I put this verse together I was reflecting of my life and the various stages therein. In the beginning there was a young man who was happy in his existence. Here sits an old man, wondering why that young man expected "things wouldn't change". But change they did. As I grew older, I began to take notice that the world was changing. One by one things that I had gotten use to were disappearing. It was (or is) as if I am being left behind. I began to realize others were experiencing similar things and feelings. But even they began to leave me behind. Now here I sit, an old man, in a world that has changed so much and seems to continue to rapidly change around me. Then, this old man  comes in contact with "today's generation" (perhaps images of a person long ago), and touches there may be some order, so reason to it all. We shall find out.)

To take us on a further flight: Joe Satriani "Flying In A Blue Dream" 

Cell phones - The symbols of a changing world 

It seems some psychologists are reaping some extras from mobile phones in the form of Nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear of having no mobile phone signal or otherwise being unable to make or receive mobile phone calls. On the subject of mobile phones, we are all aware of the safety hazards of using this devise while driving. It has come to DudesDay's attention that mobile phones may have an additional hazard, especially in the hands of dads. Dudesday is a group of dudes and dads that live in Los Angeles, working in the entertainment industry and creating YouTube videos. It turns out that, unlike moms, dads may be putting their children in some risk, by texting instead of placing their full attention on their children. 
What follows are a few examples of what can happen if dads text instead of watching their children. "It Only Takes a Second" 

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Forever is composed of nows.
Emily Dickinson

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