Tuesday, November 3, 2015

In Your Eyes to Double Vision Revealed 
One lady's eyes are glorified by a lover 
While another lady's eyes are examined by an optometrist - So she thinks 

In Your Eyes (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What is it I see there lost in your eyes
Those drifting tomorrows promising more
Than whispered moments can ever devise
They call to my heart our purpose explore
Each pulse of always is kissed by those stars
They sing to my soul of life in a dream
Deep in their heaven the season is ours
Lost drifting moments heart cradled by stream
This treasure of ever fate swept our way
Who knows how long it will linger on
There must be a time where memories play
Or will they be gone as there I am drawn
But let me drift on in your gorgeous stare
The truth of our pure love lives sacred there

(Nothing special about this sonnet. Nothing special, unless you are the lady who this verse is written for. The conflict stanza is particularly effective in a poem of this sort, as it adds a little extra to the conclusion. - As one can probably tell, from my poems, I'm a hopeless romantic. Walking hand in hand, Cuddling in the wonder of the moment. Staring timelessly into those eyes. Arlene loved it, and knew just how to get more (as if she needed to). Sure, as we grew older, those teenagers slowed down. Slowed down, but never stopped. What was particularly fun was when we in the company of others. Every once in a while Arlene and I would stare into each other's eyes. We would have entire conversations without saying a word. People around us suspected something was going on, but their only clues were two lovers' fancy smiles. Perhaps it was all just in our imaginations. So be it.)

Imagination or not, we must all answer: Digital Analog Band "The Call" 

Some optometrists do magic for the eyes 

Seeing is such a big part of everyday life that it requires about half of the brain to get involved. Keep this in mind as we go on. Michael Carbonaro put a patient's grasp of reality to a test. Michael is an actor, magician, and improv artist. This unsuspecting women thinks he is an optometrist and that she is going to have an eye examination. Remembering that seeing requires half our brain, it may help to explain this woman's reaction as Michael opens up to her a brand new world. 
I don't know which is more magical, Michael or this woman's reaction. Enjoy: "The Carbonaro Effect - Double Vision Revealed" 

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You know when you're in love 
when you can't fall asleep 
because reality is finally better than your dreams. 
Dr. Seuss

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