Thursday, November 26, 2015

Life’s Sea to Family Thanksgiving 
A lover is thankful for a wonderful life 
A family is thankful for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner 

Life’s Sea (Shakespearean sonnet)

With you I shared the riches of life’s sea
Each day you blessed brought wonders to explore
Your eyes were windows to eternity
Your touch was whispered ways to distant shore
Such dreams were cast along our crystal isle
This paradise with rainbows in its view
The song of flowers fashioned every while
With waves of feelings which I never knew
It seems the storms were always miles away
Or maybe you could warm the bitter rain
Those sands of time which harbored a dismay
Were washed astray by kisses’ sweet refrain
So for the tides of Joy I freely drift
I thank you for this very precious gift

(There you have it. A standard Shakespearean sonnet. Wait a minute. Who exactly is the speaker thanking? "Your eyes" and "Your touch" make us assume it is another person. And it very well could be. But what if they are metaphors or symbolism? - I want to take this opportunity to thank you. I don't consider myself a poetry teacher, even though I do share some elements of my poems. I do this as a Thank You for all that I have learned reading writing and comments, some if which might nave been yours. All that I have achieved was with the help of others. People who believed in me. People who supported me. People who guided me. People who were the stars reflecting on the sea of possibilities. Consider this: Why can so many relate to the words that I lay down? Consider this and accept my Thank You.) 

Let's go with the love theme and enjoy: Agron "Love My Soul" 

Who's up for learning to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving dinner 

There are 3 places in the United States named after Thanksgiving's traditional main course: Turkey, Texas; Turkey Creek, Louisiana and Turkey, North Carolina. There are also 9 townships around the country named “Turkey". You can take this useless fact and share it at the family's Thanksgiving dinner or you can enjoy a special recipe by famed chef Giada De Laurentiis. What do mean by that, Martin? Is your family a bit talkative at family gathers, like Thanksgiving dinner? Chef Giada has the perfect meal solution. One that tastes good and wont hurt anyone's feelings. 
If its too late for this Thanksgiving. I have armed you with a useless fact. "Family Thanksgiving with Giada De Laurentiis" 

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  1. When I meditate, I often think of the sea. I really like the pattern of the Shakespearean sonnet. I have only written one about the controversy over foie gras but added the theme of love that Shakespeare often used. Thank you for sharing. Have you published your poems?

    1. thank you and bless you. we who can appreciate the "sea" are truly fortunate.

  2. Iti s one of the joys of reading that each reader brings something of themselves to the table, and creates something slightly different from the baseline.
    I would have taken it to be a person, but that is only my interpretation. Right for me, not for all.

    1. thank you.
      Not all people see as you do. that doesn't make anyone better or worse, just different. and therein ls power - 1 + 1 = who knows.

  3. Beautifully expressed! Thank you for writing so many poems for us to read and enjoy.