Monday, November 16, 2015

Lost Forever to Pro Wrestler Smooths Up His Act 
Lost lovers take a dark path to forever 
A lost wrestler smooths upon a path to laughter 

Lost Forever (Shakespearean sonnet) 

A lost forever deep in lover’s eyes
A path to never floating off in tears
A shroud of pain replaces Joyous years
As in the streets of darkness someone cries
There every kiss they shared a sweet goodbye
Each hug each hope now joins in the refrain
Till emptiness a reason must explain
Just why a precious dream was called to die
Her skin still bore the scars of nightly fights
Each bruise she wore echoed new life she bore
Each beating got much worse than those before
And no one saw or listened to her plights
So there she was a victim of a knife
Escape she chose to end her lover’s life

(This was a heartbreaking poem. It does demonstrate a story progression. With each stanza the situation gets worse. In the case of this sonnet, mirroring what might have happen to the couple's relationship up to this. This "progression style" can also be effective in a happy poem. - Here is a tale of a man called Ray. From his early school days, he attracted bullies. His family had broken up and he lived with his mom, who beat him. Ray joined a gang who protected him from bullies, but bullied him themselves. Magic finally entered Ray's life when he met this girl. Somehow, she got Ray out of the gang, encouraged him to get a job and find an apartment where the two could live, happily ever after. It wasn't long thereafter till Ray's girlfriend showed her true self. Whenever Ray showed his face, it was covered with bruises. Rumors started floating around, Ray's girlfriend was beating him. It was a time when men just weren't beaten up by women (a "legend" of that period), so Ray had nowhere to go to seek help. Unlike the poem, Ray didn't kill his girlfriend. Instead, he turned to crime. He became a car thief. Besides earning him some nice money, it landed him in jail, and escape from his abusive girlfriend. Funny, Ray gave my wife a ride home just blocks from where he was arrested. Life.)

Fitting for this theme: Suzanne Vega "Luka" 

Let's replace tears with laughter and a smile 

"Yes, we know it's 'fake'." WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Chairman Vince McMahon first publicly stated that match outcomes were "predetermined" during testimony before the New Jersey State Senate in 1989. Today WWE openly acknowledges its scripted nature. But the matches are still entertaining, So are the verbal matches between opponents. At least they could be before trying Bic's new shaving product for men. It seems, in their new ads, Bic believes their new Flex5 razors can smooth out the attitudes of men. 
How will this change pro wrestling? "A Pro Wrestler Smooths Up His Act" 

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Our character is but the stamp on our souls 
of the free choices of good and evil 
we have made through life.
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