Monday, November 23, 2015

Moon-drops to Wizard Cops 
The magic of moon-drops 
The magic of wizard cops? 

Moon-drops (lyrical poem) 

I’m gazing past my windowsill
At moments there which linger still
Each moon-drop lights another thrill
Which carries me away
How could a heartbeat even try
Those moments etched across the sky
Which moon-drops’ magic did apply
Soft meaning of my day
It’s you it’s you that fills the air
And weaves a dream within my soul
My trust in treasures to control
And spread your season everywhere
My memories will never set
On feelings which are dancing yet
On kisses moon-drops gently let
To heaven lovers stray
It’s you it’s you unending song
Each moon-drop thoughts of you revives
Forever you my all contrives
This Joy I’m drinking to prolong
So moon-drops fill my windowsill
Belief in magic to fulfill
With one purpose to instill
To carry me away
Away with you

(More words waiting for a song. Any songwriter, in need of some lyrics, is welcome to them. What are "moon-drops" you might be wondering. I would tell you what they mean to me, but that would set up limitations to ones imagination of "moon-drops". Suffice it it to say, when language limits your thoughts, go beyond. - The person who lived a dream now finds himself in hard times (physically). My wife and partner, Arlene, passed away in 2002. Though I was in mourning, I was still heavily involved in charity work. I was also a major figure in San Francisco's 4 Masonic youth groups. Even though I held a youth protection certificate, which includes a thorough background check, the Masons thought it might look better, for my image, if I had a girlfriend. So Amor came into my life. I fell in love again. After a year's courtship, we got married. We had an unbelievable two years as a married couple, before I got sick, (Now the poem.) One of the symptoms of my illness is depression. My neurologist is constantly trying to prescribe antidepressant medication for me. I tell him I don't need them, because I am married to Amor. It is true! Whenever the slightest whim of depression thinks of entering my world, the mere thought of Amor puts an end to any drop of sadness. Thanks to Amor and Amor alone, I am able to enjoy the moon-drops.)

Here is a great song for "Moon-drops". 
It is interesting because it can evoke a myriad of moods: 
Rusalka "Song to the Moon" 

Let's take the magic a little further 

During the period of the historical "witch hunts" we hear about the women who were persecuted. Men, wizards were persecuted also. Talking about witches and wizards, they are everywhere. From Comic-Cons to Harry Potter conventions. From Dungeons and Dragons to the World of Warcraft. Who polices them all? In to the picture comes Corridor Digital's Wizard Cops. Men and women dedicated to use their powers to maintain a semblance of order to the world of magic and to issue a few tickets. 
Look out criminals. There's a new face on the streets. "Wizard Cops" 

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  1. Beautiful post and touching. I am sorry to hear about your wife passing. You must have really loved her. I imagine she was filled with this and it carried her. I also understand about moon drops. It is thoughtful of you to allow others to expand their imagination as to the meaning. Very good post!