Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Silence Of The Night to Pizza Rat Prank 
One man meets his fear in the silence of the night 
While others meet their fear in a pizza toting rat 

Silence Of The Night (English sonnet) 

I never knew the silence of the night
Its gripping ripping weight upon my soul
Each ticking of my heart can feel its toll
As countless waves of ever steal the light
As loom of empty nothing takes control
The shadows of some fear wait out of sight
What dark unknown will quench their appetite
What part of me will help to make them whole
And there I sit alone and so aware
So held by terror that I could not scream
I searched the darkness for some mercy there
As o’er my body silent creepings stream
I closed my eyes amid last gasp of air
Won’t someone please awake me from this dream

(Nothing special about this sonnet. Let me rant on the subject of the classic sonnets (as apposed to the modern sonnet) a bit. Most of the classical sonnets we see today are written in the Shakespearean style. I try to use the English sonnets as well as the Italian sonnet to show there were other popular forms of the classical sonnet styles to explore. Let me encourage our sonneteers to wander the broader world of sonnets. - When I got married, one of the first things I did was gain weight, a fact that my mother-in-law pointed out often. There was this person at work, Michael. When I saw his horrible life, I couldn't believe anyone would expose himself to such a lifestyle. Not only did he live in squalor, his partner was abusive. Coming to work was his only escape from his nightmare. So, how did we become friends, and what about my weight problem? Michael overheard me talking about losing weight and suggested we join the YMCA. I thought he was joking, so I said sure. One day, after work, Michael shows up at my house and so the adventure began. Twice a week Michael took me to the Y. I began to lose that unwanted weight/fat (not to mention getting a pretty good body) and Michael got some light from his hell. Even more... As we continued, Michael saw the positive effect he had on me. One night, after our workout, we went to a bar. Michael told me his situation and asked me to help him move. When I showed up at his apartment, I was moved to tears, partly because of "living" condition and partly because of the smell. When I met Michael's abuser, it was all I could do to control myself. Michael put himself in a better situation and became a chef. A man with a weight problem was the doorway from a man's nightmare. Michael, this was for you.)

I stumbled on a video for this theme: Medwyn Goodall "Behold the Darkness" 

And now fear of a funnier kind 

Studies show that rats succumb to peer-pressure, just like humans. Brown rats are prone to disregard personal experiences in order to copy the behavior of their peers. Think about this as we notice the women's legs in the following video. Pranskster and YouTuber Jesse M. Wellens, of Prank vs Prank, is loose on the streets of Philadelphia, armed with his mechanical rat carrying a slice of pizza. Besides laughs, what do you think will happen? 
I mean, what do you think will happen when Jesse's girlfriend sees this video and notices all the girls' legs. "PIZZA RAT PRANK!" 

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Fear cuts deeper than swords  
George R.R. Martin 

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