Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sitting In The Silence to Worst Dine And Dashers 
One man sits in the silence of his life 
While two men are interrupted by their plans 

Sitting In The Silence (free form poem) 

Sitting in the silence of the rain
Of all the worlds he wandered through
And all the people
The hearts of people
The lives of people he touched
Memories kiss him again
Once more of a past of a dream
And all the moments
Exciting moments
Forever moments still live
Turn around in the stardust
Turn around in flowered fields
Turn around in lovers’ hopes
Turn around and they’re always there
And there was a part of it
Sitting in the silence of the rain
And all the flowers
Tomorrow’s flowers
Well planted flowers by him

(Here is a poem purposely full of metaphors.  This was done in hopes to get readers involved and see their own lives. It starts out with a man pausing to reflect on his life. You take it from there. - Here is one example. There was a man; a lawyer; a marine. As a marine, he was relegated to an office, to become a paper pusher. As a lawyer, he was so poor at handling cases, he found his destiny at crossing Ts and dotting Is. At relationships, he was a marine and a lawyer, two facts that he allowed to take over his mind and ruin everything. At one moment of his life, he encountered a person. He asked this person to run a Toys For Tots program for him. That person, he approached, did so much more. In 4 years all the Mason in the San Francisco Bay Area were contributing and taking  Toys For Tots into their communities. As he reflects back on his life, the man sees  a child and remembers an idea he gave a person. - Just one story this poem relates to. Perhaps you have more.)

To release our minds to a moment, here's: Francis Goya  "La Playa" 

Free dinner anyone  

Kitcho, in Kyoto, Japan is the most expensive restaurant in the world. It could set one back $600 per person. Dine and dash is the practice of dashing from a diner without paying the bill. Ben Kleinman and Chris Blakeman, of Cool Kids Comedy, are hardly eating at Kitcho, nor does it appear that they have any experience in dine and dash. As for making people laugh. 
It is rumored that this "Dine and Dash" lesson was paid for by the Restaurant Association. "World's Worst Dine And Dashers" 

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