Saturday, November 21, 2015

Strange But True to Drake-Hotline Bling-without music 
Exploring the phone via Limericks 
Exploring a hit song without the interference of music 

The Phone Call You Won’t Believe (limerick) 

When wild call about wife I got
From cupboard my whiskey I brought
And after a shot
Some clarity sought
She what with a what at a what

Strange But True (limerick) 

Some things travel past the unknown
If I told you mind would be blown
Once dinosaurs walked
Insurance men stalked
And people once talked in their phone

The New App For Phone (limerick) 

Computer wiz really struck gold
With new app for phone that he sold
For aid it supplies
When problems arise
It plays back the lies that they told

(Three more 6/5 limericks. 6 rhymes in 5 line (follow the beats in lines 3, 4 and 5). I adopted the 6/5 form in 2011 in an effort to set myself apart and to add this little extra to challenge my mind. I'm in a situation were my brain needs these mental exercises. - Let's dispel some more secrets about "That" organization. But first! I am not trying to get members. Masonry is not for everyone. From my experience, it is best for those whose family and career have made some spare time available. Now, as far as the "secrets": We masons are not allowed to share with non-masons anything in our rituals which is encrypted, our secret handshakes, our secret words and our modes of recognition. As far as our regular meetings, except for the part pertaining to voting on new members, they follow standard parliamentary procedures. The members are discouraged from discussing what happened at a meeting with anyone not in attendance, including other masons. This is done to prevent the spreading of misinformation. All records, of any meeting, are freely available, to anyone, from a Lodge's secretary, who keeps the minutes of all meetings. It may also interest you, that until recently, information about any mason was available, to anyone, via the Grand Lodges. (This practice was stopped by government privacy laws, not by any mason.) We are not above the law.)

Back to the phone theme: "Weird Al" Yankovic "Phony Calls" 

Question - Take away the music, is Drake still cool 

Timmy Thomas is a R&B singer, songwriter who rose to fame in in 1972 with his big hit song "Why Can't We Live Together". On July 31, 2015 rapper Drake released a hit song, "Hotline Bling", using the instrumental samples of Timmy Thomas' Big hit. "Hotline Bling" reached number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Drake's first top-10 single in two years, as well becoming his highest-charting single as a lead artist. All that aside, what would Drake be like without Timmy Thomas? 
Let's dare to find out. "#WITHOUTMUSIC / Hotline Bling - Drake" 

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  1. That new phone app would sell millions. And millions.
    Or am I being cynical?