Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tale Of Tears to Adele - Hello (Parody!) 
Tears of sadness bring on transformations 
Phone calls of madness bring on laughter 

Tale Of Tears (poem) 

Tears across the dreams which were our sky
Tears replace the streams of days gone by
Tears now fill the themes of music’s sigh
Tears of joyous gleams all turned to why
Shadows fill the streets of one more day
Loneliness awaits to dim the sun
Sadness drinks in moments now undone
Tears now answer why she went away
Messages on phone but none are hers
Friends concerned if I am still alright
Strangely I had vanished from their sight
Tears of madness in my being stirs
Darkness was my empty destiny
Promises of shelter from my pain
Seasons of confusion to make plain
Tears delusion blurred my knife from me
Through a window all my senses flew
Timeless were then minutes I there knew
Different the things I thought were true
Tears had brought a rainbow to my view 

(This poem starts out with tears, as we learn of a relationship that ended. As the poem progresses the rhyme scheme changes as the speaker's mind wanders. What began as verse with one rhyme, becomes two rhymes ending and bring back the tears (at the end of each stanza). Just as the poem turn life threatening, the uniform rhyme scheme returns with the message of the tears. The added lesson of this poem is: Think about using the poem's construction to help convey the message(s). - I can still remember that time, long, long ago, when Arlene broke up with me. I was going to college at the time. I was a young, attractive guy, with plenty of girls aggressively going after me. Even now, I wonder what was going on in my head. I was ruined. My whole world had come to an end, even though my friends and teachers all gathered to comfort me and potential dates were vying for my attention. It wouldn't have taken much. There wasn't any need for me to suffer. Unlike the pom, I couldn't or wouldn't see the message of my tears.) 

To go with this theme, I found a great song: Jervy Hou "A Breathtaking Piano Piece" 

How can a person turn misery into laughter - Let's find out 

Did you know that approximately one out of four injuries by athletes involve the wrist and hand? With that out of the way,  let's turn our attention to Adele. This edition has nothing to do with famed singer. With that out pf the way, let's turn our attention to Key of Awesome's parody of Adele's hit "Hello". In this version Adele, or Rachel McPhee playing her,  finally ends a relationship on her terms. But she's still not happy about it. Why?When we get this out of the way, we can turn our attention to how to make money in Las Vegas. 
What is remarkable, even with all he laughing, "Hello" is a great song. "Adele - Hello (Parody!) Key of Awesome #103" 
(How to make money in Las Vegas? - Get a job.) 

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I was always looking outside myself for strength 
and confidence, but it comes from within. 
It is there all of the time.
Anna Freud

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